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New investigation: Jumbo and his miserable companions still locked up in the Muller Circus, seen from above

New investigation: Jumbo and his miserable companions still locked up in the Muller Circus, seen from above

Mis à jour le 15 July 2022

Since our appeal was delivered last February, our investigators have returned to see how Jumbo is getting on in the Muller Circus in Vitrolles. Since the beginning of March 2022, therefore, we have filmed in him the lorry with the doors half, but never fully, open. As always. And once again, the pool was full of dirty water and thereby inaccessible. Until the last day arrived when he was finally able to get out of the lorry for a few minutes. Our complaints are ongoing. Jumbo remains in the circus.

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Our fight to save Jumbo from this hell in prison is a road strewn with pitfalls. Between those who do not want things to change and those who are convinced of the legitimacy of locking animals up for entertainment, captive animals sometimes seem to have few allies. However, for more than twenty years the circus tents have been empty, with many circus artists choosing to stop exploiting animals. We can help them in this process. We are partnered with sanctuaries in France and Europe but also in Africa and India.

In any case, anything is better than settling down or sending animals abroad to better continue exploiting them! Or worse, slaughtering them to sell them to taxidermists in anticipation of the legislative implementation decrees on animal mistreatment that has been voted in but is still pending without these essential laws.

Jumbo and his miserable companions still locked up in the Muller Circus, seen from above by One Voice on Vimeo.

Rare images, the big picture never shown

The monkeys, tigers, and Jumbo are enclosed almost all of the time. The tiger cubs, without their mother, are entrusted to a lioness... The only event that breaks their boredom is the show and its poor and humiliating acts, for just one of the monkeys and the tigers and under the permanent threat of props to coerce them three of four days a week. The rest of the time and for the rest of them, it is bars, chains, looks, noise, whips... How can they stay in good health like this? Animals who require so much exercise. And for the tigers, so much solitude; and for the hippopotamuses, company.

Our images, unpublished, bear witness once again to the fact that the animals are shut in day in, day out. They reveal what we cannot show from the ground because the circus artists stand guard, and it is better not to rub shoulders with the Mullers... Many peaceful activists have paid the price, just as forces of law and order have by trying to enforce a court decision.

Our ongoing procedures

Our appeal, started by the Association in February 2022, will determine whether the Muller consorts can be granted a reimbursement of their lawyer’s fees and will take action in supporting a State brief that on one hand does not exist, just as on the other, will determine whether the Prefect is empowered as an administrative authority to proceed with the withdrawal of the animals placed in conditions likely to cause them suffering. Because if the Prefect is not authorised and the courts close the associations’ complaints, then who is responsible for the protection of the animals?

Since then, the association has submitted a new request to the Prefect and then to the administrative court, in view of the Mullers’ criminal convictions, to request the withdrawal of the opening permits and of the proficiency certifications of these incompetent owners. The proceedings are still underway.

Finally, a new complaint filed for non-conformity of the conditions the hippopotamus is being kept in has led to a criminal mediation to which the Mullers have not deigned to respond. The file went back to the Valence prosecutor’s office for further action.

We will never give up the fight for the animals in this circus and for Jumbo in particular. Sign the petition!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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ELIANE | Monday 07 November 2022

Je viens de m' apercevoir que depuis 2017, ONE VOICE se démène auprès des autorités pour sanctionner les Muller, ce n' est pas possible qu'aucune action ne soit faite. J'avais déjà noté 2 situations INCROYABLES en 2019 et 2022 lorsque les autorités viennent après jugement libérer Jumbo mais doivent abandonner vu les violences des Muller, comment la justice peut-elle accepter cela ????? Y a t-il "protection"?? ce n' est pas possible autrement.

Aline | Saturday 09 April 2022

Inadmissible et honteux, comment peut-on faire ces horreurs et honte au gouvernement qui ne fait rien pour interdire définitivement les cirques avec des animaux!

Shogun74 | Friday 08 April 2022

Pauvre "Samba", pauvre "Jumbo", une vie de misère pour ces pauvres animaux. Les Muller, comment ces gens peuvent-ils être intouchables ? Comment est-il possible qu'ils échappent à la justice, aux lois ? C'est révoltant, et que fait Mme la Ministre ?

trochu | Friday 08 April 2022

Comme toujours voir des animaux sauvages ou autres animaux dans des cirques est plus qu'attristant, révoltant, les voir obligés de faire "quelques pas" dans un enclos ou sur du bitume est épouvantable, et il faut être plus que débile ou indifférent et insensibles à leurs souffrances, douleurs, tristesses, isolements et grandes détresses pour cautionner encore et encore, pour applaudir devant autant de misères. En 2022 en France, de telles maltraitances et exploitations d'animaux dans les cirques doivent être dénoncées haut et fort, et donc la présence de ces magnifiques êtres vivants, interdite dans tout cirque quel qu'il soit, car ils n'ont rien à faire dans de tels endroits ignobles et immondes et les humains qui aiment encore les cirques honteux ne sont que des égoïstes qui ne pensent qu'à eux et à leurs soifs d'amusements et de distractions infâmes, et à aucun moment ne se questionnent sur la vie de ces pauvres animaux, sur leurs souffrances et ne réalisent pas à quel point ils sont humiliés, rabaissés au plan "d'objets" sans aucune considération et encore moins respect envers eux et tout cela doit cesser et cesser, ça suffit ! Merci à vous ONE VOICE pour tout faire afin de libérer ces animaux et exiger de ce cirque odieux, qu'il ne puissent plus avoir d'animaux.