Let’s save Jumbo!

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Let’s save Jumbo!

For 30 years, the life of Jumbo the hippo has been hell.

He, who should be living and communicating with his bloat permanently, surrounded by a dozen females, is locked up, desperately alone, in a truck.

He, who should be spending his days in the water, diving for a long time, he whose entire body is made for this semi-aquatic lifestyle, is forced to continuously endure gravity and be satisfied with the water he has been sprinkled with from a garden hose.

He, who is able to run up to 30km / h, can only trample over a few meters, during the 30 minutes spells when it is taken out of the truck to be exhibited to the public.

He, who should be grazing, at night, up to 68kg of food, is fed during the day with hay and grain for horses.

Jumbo’s existence has nothing to do with a hippopotamus life. His basic needs are denied from start to finish.

For him, we, the undersigned, support the request of One Voice that he be released from the circus that holds him and placed in a sanctuary where his physiological and behavioural needs will be respected.

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