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Lea’s renaissance

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One Voice recently checked in on Léa, a dog rescued from her violent owner. She is currently living with a loving family and now that her behavior is being properly monitored, she is finally beginning to recover from the trauma she endured.

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Seemingly harmless things, such as seeing a tube of cream or being approached by the vet with a muzzle, can trigger Léa's trauma. Since Léa's offender has also tormented little girls, there is a lot at stake for the next trial on March 17 th. However, we anticipate that he will receive the maximum sentence. Furthermore, One Voice has requested legislative changes that would take the link between animal and human violence into account. (see our petition here along with our letter to deputies and senators).

In spite of her experiences, Léa is a kind, gentle animal. Yet she bears the scars of her past, which regularly manifest in behaviors that indicate stress and fear. Given the severity of her trauma, One Voice has offered to assist in her behavioral support: she deserves the opportunity to reclaim a normal life.

Not only is Léa new family generous, loving, and patient, but we are confident that time will heal most of her wounds. Hopefully justice will be served and Léa will be her offender's last victim. The "link" between cruelty towards animals and humans must be acknowledged in order to fight against all forms of abuse.

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Léa in Muriel Arnal's arms

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sylvie33160 | Wednesday 16 March 2016

J'espère que la peine sera à la hauteur du préjudice subi. Je suis scandalisée. Cette personne mérite une peine exemplaire pour ce qu'elle a fait.

Elisabeth | Wednesday 16 March 2016

C'est formidable!!! Bravo à tous d'avoir sauvé cette petite chienne adorable. Ça fait du bien le bonheur!

uria | Wednesday 16 March 2016

D'accord pour punir ce monstre et a une loi qui punira toute les personnes qui maltraitent les animaux et les enfants, de toute façon c'est la même engeance. A quand une véritable justice !!!!!!!