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Inouk, the eternal second placed

Inouk has lived all his life in the shadow of his family, between tragedies and separations. He gnawed on the sides on the pool to such an extent that the pulp of its teeth was exposed, his teeth therefore having to be removed!

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Inouk is a male Orca born February 23rd, 1999 in the Marine land pools. His mother was Sharkane and his father Kim 2. Recently, one celebrated his birthday at the park. While the trainers hopped with laughter in front of the camera, it is in a slow morbid way that one saw it approaching, this grotesque cake that was offered for this event.

It is this, that at the end of 19 years of captivity, this male with an underdeveloped dorsal fin has little reason to rejoice: his life was only a series of tragedies and separations. And today he reaches the perilous age where his half-brother died.

The first tragedy occurred when he was barely four years old. His big sister Shouka, whom he adored, was abducted from his family to go to the United States. Heartbroken, Inouk listened to Sharkan’s calls for days while missing his daughter. He heard a few meters away from him his father Kim 2 dying, also broken by the departure of Shouka, then his mother, devoured by an infection.

Previously, Inouk had the uncommon task for male killer whale. While Sharkane was giving birth to Wikie, Freya, the second adult in the pool, should have helped her. But there was such tension between the two Orcas that Freya stayed away. So, it was the tiny Inouk who served as "godmother" to his sister Wikie and helped bring her to the surface to breathe for the first time. It is said of Inouk that he is calm and kind. After Shouka's departure, however, he began to slap his skull on the edge of the pool, like his brother Valentin.

And when his mother died, he lost rank and protection. From now on forever second placed, he began to gnaw the concrete of the pool and to chew the rubber joints of the windows by sheer boredom, damaging the teeth right down to the pulp. Today, Inouk is an adult. This big fellow has neither companion nor neighbour nor any female from any other clan that he can woo. Around him, there are only members of the immediate family, with the exception of Aunt Freya who adopted him when he was an orphan. One moment they talked about selling him in Valencia, Spain, with his brother, and then the idea was abandoned. So, Wikie from now on bites this unwelcome brother, sometimes with rage, because she has been seeking favours for years, although incest is prohibited in wild Orcas. Most often, before the show, Inouk is placed in a pool separate from her. Violent fights seem to have exploded just after the flood of 2015 and the death of Valentin, who has, by force of circumstances, allowed little Inouk out from the shadows. But to go to which life?

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12345 | Thursday 07 June 2018

Il est affligeant de traiter les animaux comme des esclaves et des prisonniers a vie.
Il faudrait plus de bon sens et oublier les retombées financières à l'exploitation des animaux.

Claudine | Tuesday 22 May 2018

Il faut prendre conscience de la détresse de ces animaux et faire pour le mieux pour les protéger

Selene | Tuesday 22 May 2018

Les choses changeraient si la situation était inversée et si c'était l'homme qui était enfermé à faire des numéros de cirque pour avoir de la nourriture en échange...Tout ce qui compte c'est le profit et l'argent que rapportent ces satanés parcs plutôt que le vrai bien être et la liberté de ces animaux en milieu océanique.

Bastet | Monday 21 May 2018

C'est hélas toujours la même horreur commise par tous ces êtres humains totalement dépourvus d'AME !