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In Mézilles, dog breeding and the State pair up against dogs

In Mézilles, dog breeding and the State pair up against dogs

Mis à jour le 13 February 2019

Thousands of dogs suffer behind the walls of the Mézilles breeding farm. Their future is cold and stinks of laboratory formaldehyde. However, the State has just agreed the expansion of this place, and the owners don’t stop there, they want to remove the evidence, appealing against the court decisions that are in our favour. We will not abandon these poor beagles and golden retrievers.

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The Prefecture takes sides with the breeder!

Last spring in the Yonne, the largest breeder of dogs intended for animal experimentation (the CEDS) made a request for the expansion of its premises. We launched legal proceedings against this opaque breeder, for acts of cruelty, ill-treatment and lack of care, and obtained a report from a bailiff that confirms the presence of irregularities.

As always, we denounce, alert, propose solutions, and act! We conducted a local awareness campaign where many citizens were unaware of what was happening next to their homes (on the ground in Auxerre, pulling in the area, holding a conference with an expert veterinarian). We launched a petition that strongly which mobilized many: more than 75,000 signatures in just a few months for the closure of this breeding centre. And we met the chief of staff for the Prefect of Yonne.

So, what does the Prefect do? It has just authorized the order to increase the capacity of the holding area of this breeder. We have challenged in the courts this shameful order! This order authorizing the increase of the capacity of reception is a demonstration that here again the representatives of the State go against current progress towards change and the expectations of the population.

For the second time this breeder wishes to erase all evidence!

Our bailiff’s report - ordered by the judge and validated in first instance - is again attacked by the breeder, who does not want us to use this evidence. We had won, but the owners are appealing. They seek impunity, it is very clear. They remark that our complaint is unreliable due to the unfound words of the bailiff. We will defend our right to use this authentic document on February 21stat 2.00 pm in the Court of Auxerre. Evidence cannot just disappear!

Animal experimentation is a scientific model to be replaced by another method, more reliable, and without cruelty. In the area of Souches de Mézilles, the Golden Retrievers and Beagles are already far too many to be suffering in their cages, the prefecture should not have authorized the order to allow their breeding, as the file presents many irregularities. We will continue to defend these poor dogs without family and without love, despite the attacks from this breeding.

A science that must become more reliable and more ethical

What future can we hope for science, in a society that is stubborn and performs so many tests on animals, a huge part of which is not only avoidable but whose usefulness is even scientifically unjustified? Is this still science?  

The funders of research, the State and business owners must invest heavily in other methods more reliable than those which have been used for so long! Medical and health scandals are the signals that must alert us and there have been so many ... The use of animal life for this purpose must be drastically decreased!

Please sign our petition to close down the facility located in Mézilles that breeds dogs for laboratories!   

Julia Mothé
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