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In Lot-et-Garonne, ‘hunting’ dogs are left to their own devices in a barn: One Voice is investigating and filing a complaint

In Lot-et-Garonne, ‘hunting’ dogs are left to their own devices in a barn: One Voice is investigating and filing a complaint

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Around ten dogs exploited for hunting and kept year-round in an almost abandoned barn at the bottom of a wood: out of sight, out of mind? Not for One Voice, who are blowing the whistle and filing a complaint at the Agen legal tribunal.

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After an alarming warning of dogs being kept shut up year-round behind bars in a barn lost in the woods on the outskirts of Agen, our investigators have gone to the premises. They discovered, while going along a wooded path, a prison building, all very banal in appearance, except for the ten or so dogs found there kept without supervision. This dilapidated place, containing tools and all kinds of objects thrown here and there, plastic bags, breeze blocks, floorboards, wires, and with hard, uneven ground, strewn with faeces between the dirt and stones... And in the middle of these boxes of odds and ends, at the mercy of the cold and wind at that time, but also the stuffiness of the air during the spring, around ten dogs were calling out for help.


Like a weapon: a life of boredom at the shed, or hunting

‘Hunting’ dogs, so to speak: forced to work at hunters’ service until they are exhausted, and kept far from dwellings such as in Chaux-du-Dombief so as not to disrupt the neighbourhood, but also out of the sight and attention of those who might worry about their welfare.

Dogs like any other!

Despite nothing differentiating them from other dogs with regard to legislation, these dogs are seen as tools by their exploiters and as a collective, not as individuals. Only the pack counts. Hunters are interested in them sparing no effort, not being scared by the gunshots, and being at their beck and call. And if one of them dies, it will quickly be replaced. For the rest of them, outside of hunting, they are stored in places like this one so as not to ‘bother’ anyone with their barking.

After a day spent hunting, some of them have eye injuries or are limping, others scratch intensely. They find their bowls empty and disgusting from the previous week, or even a little cocktail of yellow stagnant water that looks like urine. They share the contents of a crate filled with several animal limbs left out in the open air which leaves them susceptible to becoming unwell. We realise that what we thought were stones on the floor is in reality a carpet of bones. There are even animal skulls in the straw.


Many hunters deny the facts that we have documented, maintaining that they are not like that, that they love their dogs and treat them properly with forced photos on social media. But where are they when we defend the dogs that they love so much? Why are they siding with Goliath and not David in this battle of the iron pot against the earthen pot, if, really, they want the best for the so-called ‘hunting’ dogs? Why are they not at least morally condemning this abuse, and why do they prefer to boast by publishing photos that have nothing to do with the problem?

We are filing a complaint for mistreatment at the Agen legal tribunal. To support us in this process and allow these dogs to be rescued as quickly as possible and to find a loving home, sign our petition for hunting dogs !

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Maryline | Thursday 09 February 2023

Quelle honte !!
Ces personnes doivent être sanctionnés au maximum avec une interdiction formelle de ne plus détenir un seul animal

Baby57 | Monday 06 February 2023

Je signe contre ces actes abjects !!

Phoebus | Monday 06 February 2023

Combien de chasseurs se moquent complètement du bien être de leurs chiens ? Ils sont enfermés des mois et des mois et souvent maltraités s'ils ne chassent pas bien. Déjà le fait de tuer pour le plaisir pose question

trochu | Monday 06 February 2023

Oui de tels chasseurs doivent être lourdement condamnés avec interdiction d'avoir des chiens définitivement, ce sont de telles mesures fermes qu'il faudrait appliquer, car dans la grande majorité des cas les chiens de chasse ne sont que des pauvres, et lorsqu'ils ne chassent pas, enfermés dans des enclos ou interdits d'entrer dans la maison et donc de vivre aux côtés de "leurs maîtres". Ces malheureux oui, ne sont considérés par ces individus que comme "outils et matériels de travail" c'est tout, et non pas comme compagnon. Ils ne font pas partie de la famille, ce n'est que scandaleux. Des contrôles très réguliers doivent être exigés auprès de tels chasseurs afin de voir dans quelles conditions vivent leurs chiens.