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Fur: No Christmas Truce for the Mink of Montarlot

Fur: No Christmas Truce for the Mink of Montarlot

Mis à jour le 28 April 2018

Despite our intervention and many comments against this project, the mink farmer of Montarlot-Les-Rioz will be able to expand his mink breeding program from 2000 to 7,700 for the production of their fur.

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In these farms, mink are confined in cramped cages, without access to water, while in nature these small semi-aquatic mammals spend most of their time in the water. During their short life of a few months, they are fed in these cages, then gassed (because the fur should not be soiled with blood), then skinned. To add to this horror that they suffer, it should also be added that the excrement from mink, their blood and their carcasses generate a real damaging effect to the environment.

We cannot accept that fur farms continue to grow on French soil, disregarding the dignity of mink and the gross mistreatment that they endure in such situations.

The decision of the prefecture goes against the collective awareness of other European countries. For example in the Netherlands the Supreme Court has upheld the law by banning fur production on its territory, for ethical reasons.

One Voice support Combactive, the association which leads this fight right from the start.

We are attacking the prefectural decree!

Julia Mothé
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Neva | Sunday 25 February 2018

arrêtez de faire souffrir en masse ces pauvres visons qui ne demandent qu'à vivre dans leur milieu naturel.

Mary | Wednesday 27 December 2017

STOP A L EXPLOITATION ANIMALE §§§§Stop à ces élevages de la honte et de la souffrance !!!

Annie | Wednesday 27 December 2017

Stop à ces massacres

nanounanie | Sunday 31 December 2017

Comment laisser ces gens agir aussi cruellement ? sans les sanctionner. Il faut faire une vraie loi, qui puisse interdire toute cette cruauté au nom du FRIC.

Ann ann | Monday 25 December 2017

Stop à ces élevages de la honte et de la souffrance -
Changeons tout cela svp -