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Franck Sorbier commits to One Voice!

Franck Sorbier commits to One Voice!

Mis à jour le 03 May 2018

Franck Sorbier, a great name of the French Haute Couture, is engaging with One Voice in the program "Fur Free Retailer" to say no to animal fur!

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Franck Sorbier a great name of the French Haute Couture is committed with One Voice in the program "Fur Free Retailer" to say no to animal fur!

Couturier Franck Sorbier sends a strong signal to his peers by taking a stand for a humane ethical style.

Distinguished Master of Art for his unique technique of compacting (mixture of materials), Franck Sorbier is among the few holders of the name "Haute Couture". By signing today the Fur Free Retailer program promoted by One Voice and its international coalition, the Fur Free Alliance (already 90 ethical brands in France, and more than 450 in the world), Franck Sorbier reconciles creation and compassion, conjugate designer with “without cruelty"!

For this insatiable creator, it is also about educating young people on a key issue so that, in one or two generations, animal fur is eradicated from clothing stores, hoods and other fashion accessories...

Recall the poll undertaken by One Voice / Ipsos which revealed in late August 2016 that fur is primarily associated with cruelty for nearly 6 out of 10 French, and that 91% of the French are in favour of a label "no animal fur".

In Europe, where many countries have already banned fur farms from their soil, millions of animals are still killed each year for their skin. A suffering and environmental impact that One Voice has always been fighting.

Congratulations to Franck Sorbier and his team for this position, joining that of Giorgio Armani who joined our FFR program for the autumn-winter 2016/2017 season.

Help us grow the Fur Free Retailer network for ethical fashion! Distribute the information.

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wettlé | Thursday 12 January 2017

Je suis vraiment très heureuse et que de joie d'apprendre qu'un nouveau haut couturier choisisse d'abandonner définitivement la fourrure dans ses collections. Que les autres suivent son exemple de toute façon ils seront tous amenés à cesser d'utiliser de la fourrure dans leurs défilés tôt ou tard, car toutes ces souffrances et tortures des animaux à fourrure "juste pour l'esthétique" de certaines ordures ne peuvent plus continuer. Cela doit cesser et nous devons informer et sensibiliser le public quant à la provenance de la fourrure afin qu'il boycotte ce produit honteux et immonde définitivement. MERCI One Voice.