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Foxes: the legal battle continues... Stop this carnage!

Foxes: the legal battle continues... Stop this carnage!

Mis à jour le 16 May 2024

Have foxes in Nièvre been killed completely illegally? The tribunal responded positively to this question. These animals have been the target of relentless persecution: classified as a ‘species likely to cause damage’ in numerous departments, hunted down all year long by hunters, they are the subject of official hunts organised by prefects almost everywhere in France. In summer 2022, several operations of this kind were organised in this department. We are demanding justice for all of the lives stolen.

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In Nièvre, hundreds of animals are targeted: a shameful decision

As if there were not sufficient ways of massacring foxes - from digging out to killing them as part of the scandalous classification of them as a ‘species likely to cause damage’ - the Nièvre Prefect felt it necessary to authorise eight official hunts at the end of summer 2022 for a duration of two months across land in 20 towns. We legally challenged these decrees that had the sole aim of satisfying hunters’ demands at a low cost. In fact, behind the stated objective of protecting plant and animal life, these authorisations to kill were in fact aimed at “protecting” pheasants and partridges... bought from breeding farms and released to be killed a few days later!

Outside of this department, each year in France, hundreds of thousands of animals are slaughtered in the name of the ‘damage’ that they will cause or due to the risk that they represent. But you only need to dig a little deeper to realise that these motives are each more fake than the next. The most recent example to date is in Melles, where dozens of goats had to be killed because of a few scratches on cars, and where we have had the decree suspended.

Lives stolen by illegal prefectural decisions

This decision, obtained by our plea and by AVES France and Loire Vivante Nièvre-Allier-Cher who have attacked independently, will not give hundreds of animals who have been massacred after hours of being hunted down their lives back and will not rebuild families decimated for the pleasure of a small number of those who follow archaic practices. But it creates an initial breakthrough in the scandal of official hunts, which allow tens of thousands of animals systematically accused of all evils to be killed each year!

In Dijon, the tribunal will not let themselves be fooled: it batted away all of the prefect’s justifications, specifically recalling that in no way did this regime aim to protect the practice of pheasant hunting... In other words, the judge reminded us that wildlife does not belong to hunters and that they do not have any right over the lives and deaths of animals as they see fit.

To give a voice to all of these animals mercilessly killed, we need you more than ever: sign our petition for a radical reform of hunting, and support us in our fight for foxes!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

Maxime Lambret et Elise Loutry
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Monette | Saturday 10 February 2024

MERCI au tribunal de Dijon d'avoir tranché contre la Préfecture et les chasseurs et en faveur des animaux !
Hélas et comme a dit ONE VOICE : Cette décision ne rendra pas la vie aux animaux tués. Par contre elle devrait statuer un bel exemple pour des audiences à venir - logiquement !
Je suis personnellement contre toute forme de chasse. Aucun animal n'est nuisible, chacun à sa place, fait partie de notre biodiversité.
Seul être nuisible sur Terre : Nous, les Hommes. 😪🙄☹️🙈👎😱

Franny | Saturday 03 February 2024

L'homme est omnipotent. A lui tous les pouvoirs et plus particulièrement celui de vie et de mort sur les animaux, quels qu'ils soient, domestiques, de rente ou sauvages. Le renard a toujours été traqué - d'ailleurs on se demande pourquoi puisqu'il régule la biodiversité en se nourrissant de rongeurs, entre autres. Il est notre allié et non notre adversaire comme les chasseurs le prétendent. De plus, de par la raréfaction de son habitat que nous lui volons, il se retrouve à chercher de la nature près des agglomérations. J'habite à la frontière suisse qui interdit de chasser le renard mais il n'est pas rare de voir des chasseurs français entrer sur le territoire suisse, les effrayer et les tuer côté français. Pas de mots pour décrire ces individus.

Rozenn | Tuesday 30 January 2024

Je me régale à les voir courir dans les champs près de chez moi. Et il est dommage de ne pas reconnaître leur utilité dans la nature.

marie-claude | Friday 26 January 2024

Stop à ce massacre d'animaux, déjà qu’ils ont du mal à se faire une place dans leur nature, il faut que les chasseurs tuent encore et encore.