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Four dogs and two cats killed by gunshots!

Four dogs and two cats killed by gunshots!

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Six victims. Six innocent deaths, six violent deaths and a terrified family. This is the result of a fit of anger. Against this man is the threat that he could do it again - and against whom? - One Voice pressed charges. We will be in court in Laon on Thursday, June 7th.

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The constant death threats, and the blackmail of suicide, had kept the whole family alive for many years. The unstable and violent sexagenarian, sickly jealous, found it easy to insult. This hunter was an imposing figure, with gun in hand, reproaching his son and grandson for being too present in his life and being "shits". To put pressure on his relatives, he also threatened the animals, of which he acted on...

On April 4th, 2018, he killed four dogs and two cats by shooting them in the head. He then called his ex-wife to threaten her with death and rushed home, then after firing at the door he fled! Violence is blind, she does not choose her victims. Who will be next to perish by his hand? This is what worries the relatives of the defendant, who testified to being afraid that he will "finish what he started" while leaving custody.

Our campaign, so that the “link” existing between the violence exerted against humans and against animals is recognized in France. It appears again in this example the meaning of this link.

It is urgent that the law take into account the danger that these people represent for the whole of society, and are proactive in preventing them from continuing to harm!

Our Cell Zoé has pressed charges of wilful harm on a pet (six in this case), and demands an exemplary sentence during the hearing that will take place in Laon on June 7th.

You too must act to ensure that this link is criminally recognized and that vulnerable people, whether animal or human, are properly protected. Please sign our petition.

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Mimi | Thursday 28 June 2018

Justice exemplaire - un ministère protection animale urgent -

Bastet | Thursday 28 June 2018

Mais où est donc la vraie justice dans notre pays ?

Melchior | Thursday 07 June 2018

J'espère que cet homme sera jugé sévèrement pour avoir tué ses animaux sans défense.

Nadia | Thursday 07 June 2018

Inadmissible ces crimes