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For Maya, the Prefect has responded (largely) to our requests.

Mis à jour le 23 July 2018

At the end of November, we invited the circus and their lawyer to look at another way out of this situation, by proposing to buy Maya from them, to save her in another way than by the legal one.

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No response back from them except perhaps from legal threats. The circus does not obviously seek anything for the well-being of this elephant! We would have praised their generosity, but no, they seem to be ready to just let her die slowly.

We received in the wake of these proceedings, an "urgent summons" demanding the withdrawal of any communication defending Maya on our online media platforms, papers, etc., and for an apology from us!

At the same time, the Prefect of Lot-et-Garonne had received the advice from many international experts that we had recently put together, as well as the two letters from leading French institutions for veterinarians; and she has also heard public opinion expressed through our mobilizations at every moment (the gatherings, the signatures of the petition #JusticePourMaya, and more generally by your presence on social network sites that are on our side). The parallel action of these two components had probably played a major role in the Prefect's decision to order a new veterinary inspection.

We had written to her to ask her to take into account certain aspects of this inspection, and by the answer she gave us, it seems that we have been heard!

Given the legal situation, it is unfortunately impossible for us to say more. Even if our frustration and our impatience to all of this is strong, and that Maya is not yet free, we see this as a great step forward!

Julia Mothé
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After the repeat conviction and evasion of trainer Gilbert Bauer, what hope is there for Baby? After more than 40 years in the circus and of inaction from public powers, Dumba the elephant has died

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Sandra | Monday 29 January 2018

Bonjour, le cirque est parti à l'étranger avec Maya ? Et si elle ne revient pas en France ?

Mia | Saturday 20 January 2018

Il n'y a pas moyen de demander au ministre de l'interieur de l'aide? C'est lui le responsable de la prefete. On l'informe qu'elle fait trainer les choses et qu'elle n'est pas a la hauteur des attentes des gens.

one voice | Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pour l'instant le cirque est en représentation à l'étranger, dès son retour sur le territoire français, Mme la préfète va demander que Maya soit vue par un vétérinaire spécialisé. Nous restons vigilants.

ondinecharmy | Thursday 01 February 2018

Attendre !? Faut agir car maya n'a plus de temps à attendre !!! Cette situation me révolte! !!!!! Envoyer courier au ministre de l'intérieur, je pense que le cirque n'est pas prêt de rentrer en France, il a fuit plutôt!

maya | Thursday 11 January 2018

beaucoup de bla bla bla!!! pendant ce temps maya souffre, et les puissants font peu! degoutée .

Christiane | Sunday 07 January 2018

Du mal à respecter la charte de modération. Alors Madame la Préfète, on se bouge ??