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Fenia : and so it goes on!

Fenia : and so it goes on!

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From an early age, Fenia has suffered violent blows from fate and especially violence from humans. This young Russian bear has experienced life at its worst: the murder of her mother, captivity, abandonment, straying ... Fortunately, good fairies fought to reverse this fate. And we are!

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It is often said that fate hangs by a thread. Fenia's was very defiantly hanging by a very thin thread indeed. This young bear would probably not be of this world if two hikers had not saved her. She was indeed chained to a tree deep in a forest in the Altai massif, in southwestern Siberia, when two women discovered her in 2016. Petrified and starving, Fenia was plunged into an indescribable hell and distress. What had happened to her that caused her to find herself trapped and completely isolated? As soon as they were contacted, the police tried to understand the origin of her tragedy. Investigations revealed that the bear cub first had to deal with the death of her mother, killed by poachers. Then it had fallen into the hands of a photographer, only because it was a cute furry bear cub... And then, the baby growing and becoming bulky, the man had ended up getting rid of his toy and abandoning it in the worst kind of conditions ...

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Supported by Baltic Animal Care, a local animal protection association, with which we had worked during our infiltration of dog training centres to kill foxes, bears, etc., in Russia, Fenia was able to receive first aid and to be saved. But, to this day, this poor female has not yet experienced any real respite. Despite their constant mobilization, her benefactors have failed to provide her with a real home. Since 2016, the bear has been tossed about, by plane, by bus, between Saint Petersburg and Moscow ... And from foundation to rehabilitation centre, from veterinary clinic to foster family, no one has been able or agreed to host her in good conditions, for lack of resources and / or space. A trail full of hope was emerging though, apparently, recently there is a sanctuary in Romania who is ready to receive her. Unfortunately, the Russian CITES has refused the export.

A roof for Fenia!

Overwhelmed by this series of disappointments, Baltic Animal Care alerted us to help Fenia. She is currently living in a makeshift shelter, in a centre normally dedicated to captive cubs still able to readjust to the natural environment. A prospect unfortunately unthinkable for Fenia, now too old and too imbued with humans to regain autonomy. On the other hand, she does need a proper enclosure, with enough space to roam around in safety. We therefore immediately responded and paid 7,000 euros to Baltic Animal Care to finance a large enclosure. We can't wait for Fenia to finally feel at home there, at peace… And we're happy to have helped to change her circumstances!

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Isa | Friday 06 November 2020

Encore merci à One Voice pour tout ce que cette association fait pour sauver les animaux.
Je souhaite à Fenia une vie paisible et qu'elle vive en paix loin de tous ces humains cruels.

murgod2018 | Wednesday 22 April 2020

Pourquoi les russes ne peuvent-ils pas enfin laisser Fenia tranquille? La pauvre, je la plains vraiment...

Isabelle | Sunday 29 March 2020

Pour Fenia, je compatis ! Toujours la même question : pourquoi tant de cruauté ? Heureusement que face aux hommes inhumains, d'autres comme One Voice sont là pour porter la voix de tous ces animaux formidables !
Merci One Voice !

Stephane | Saturday 28 March 2020

Nouvelle encourageante :)
Merci à One Voice.
Espérons qu'elle puisse enfin mener une vie heureuse.