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Dogs are being mistreated training clubs: justice warrants an investigation

Dogs are being mistreated training clubs: justice warrants an investigation

Mis à jour le 26 August 2020

Following our 2014-2017 investigation into dog training, we received a complaint from several clubs. Did they feel targeted? Yes. And to hear them and with the whole profession behind them. They demanded the total withdrawal of our investigation and the corresponding online content, a publication in the national and local press, as well as damages ... On November 5th 2019, the hearing took place in the Valencia court. The verdict has just been passed: these dog training club officials were dismissed of all their requests. They were even ordered to reimburse our defence costs!

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In 2017 when we published our investigation on dog defence training, the hidden camera images brought out the truth: we saw poor dogs receiving smacks from whips, wearing electric or spiked collars around their necks, while orders were yelled in their ears. Fear and cruelty along with weapons were the only methods used by these trainers, aggressiveness on command the only option for the Malinois and German shepherds who will become weapons by destination. What future then for these dogs who have become dangerous? Competitions for the best, the role of a working tool for security guards for the better of it. All of this along with the suffering that we know of.

Freedom of expression wins!

On the one hand, the managers of these training clubs claimed that we had cast a shadow on the entire profession of dog trainers, by generalizing our remarks. This was rejected by the court! We only used our free expression, without ever naming either the places where the practices we denounced took place, or the people. In fact, several hundred dog trainers, like us are promoting non-violent methods of communicating with dogs. They have launched a petition to distance ourselves from our attackers and are supporting our approach.

Neither unfair competition nor collective slander

As well the court also rejected "collective slander" because we obviously did not benefit from any unfair competition. This is what was put forward by our opponents. We have always valued nonviolent practices, and have never benefited from doing so, except for the joy of knowing that we are actively participating in and improving the consideration of these Malinois and German shepherds concerned.

« By publishing [...], in accordance with its purpose and in a desire to inform and raise public awareness of canine education practices and methods that may resemble acts of animal abuse, the results of investigations and testimonies following reports […] without providing any information likely to allow the identification of canine clubs or professionals concerned, and by promoting methods and practices of canine education presented as non-violent and more respectful of the property -that being the animals, the One Voice association used means commensurate with the aim sought and […] did not abuse its right of free expression. »

Extract from the judgment of January 14th 2020 of the Valence court

This judgment strengthens our determination to defend victims of violence

This court decision fills us with joy. It strengthens our determination in the fight that has always been ours to defend those who do not have the floor to be heard, as well as our choice to go and seek the evidence where it is hidden, by means of risky investigations... Because they expose serious facts, which no one dares to denounce.

Canine educator’s adept at a non-violent method know this: too many trainers still act today by using terror tactics, including among the humans around them and whom they train. We therefore sincerely thank these courageous people who alerted and supported us in this fight to denounce the violence suffered by these dogs in such clubs of shame. In the face of injustice and cruelty we have never been silent, and we have no intention of starting tomorrow!

Julia Mothé
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Leïla | Sunday 18 October 2020

Bonjour, je viens de tomber sur votre article, comme un heureux hasard. Pourriez vous jeter un œil sur les vidéos d'un ''éducateur'' Eric Tramson. Nous sommes plusieurs à penser que ses méthodes ne sont qu' agression et intimidation... Malheureusement, cette personne ne voit pas le problème et considère que ses méthodes sont les bonnes...
Merci pour ce que vous faites !

Karine | Friday 17 January 2020

Bravo et merci pour vos combats en faveur de la cause animale.

trochu | Friday 17 January 2020

MERCI INFINIMENT ONE VOICE ! Ces clubs, je suppose, fermeront suite à toutes ces maltraitances et cruautés ignobles et immondes à l'encontre de ces chiens. J'espère profondément que de tels individus n'auront plus le droit d'exercer auprès des animaux quels qu'ils soient. J'avais un chien que j'ai amené à un club de "dressage" et je m'étais déjà révoltée contre de telles pratiques. Les chiens s'éduquent et ne se dressent pas. Les clubs de "dressage" doivent être interdits en France.

Sab88 | Friday 17 January 2020

Il faut que ca cesse !!