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Dog torturer receives exemplary prison sentence

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Justice has been served for "Justice," the aptly named dog who was discovered tied up and abandoned to die. The judge ruled that the culprit be registered in a DNA database for criminals, based on the conviction that a strong link exists between violence against animals and humans.

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Rescued in the nick of time

At the back of a shopping center in Windsor, Ontario (Canada), a small dog, approximately seven years old, was left for dead. His snout was tightly bound with tape, along with his legs and neck. Luckily, a passerby spotted him, saving him from suffocation. When he was released, he was so weak that he could barely stand upright. Fortunately, the local organization Windsor/Essex County Humane Society was able to care for him during his recovery.

An exemplary judgment

Once the culprit was found during the investigation, a lawsuit ensued. The judge who handled the case condemned the offender to the maximum sentence: two years in prison and three years probation, along with a twenty-five year ban on owning animals. Additionally, he ordered that the animal torturer be registered in the national DNA database: it is widely known that criminals often start off as animal abusers. ( read our article on theread our article on the subject heresubject here).

And in France?

Abusive individuals target animals and humans alike, showing a lack of respect for all life, regardless of species. There is no exception to this rule in France: in Griffin's Griffin's case, the offender both hit his girlfriend and set her cat on fire.

Currently, convicted or suspected criminals are registered in a national DNA database (FNAEG) managed by the Ministry of Justice. One Voice has insisted that the Minister of Justice include animal abusers in these records in order to prevent crimes against people.

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Frimousse 22 | Tuesday 09 February 2016

Il faut arrêter en France de considérer les animaux comme quantité négligeable. Ils ressentent la souffrance aussi cruellement qu'un être humain et ne possèdent pas le millième de son sadisme et sa cruauté !!! Toute personne portant atteinte à l'intégrité d'un animal doit en subir les conséquences par une sanction exemplaire et sans sursis !!!!!

Lolotte | Tuesday 09 February 2016

Soutien total et tellement vrai

2003robin | Monday 08 February 2016

J'attends ça depuis si longtemps ! Plus de violence sur les animaux svp.

lydia | Monday 08 February 2016