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Celebrate Valentine's Day without sacrificing animals!

Despite the 2013 European ban on exploiting animals for cosmetic testing, France refuses to monitor and regulate the corporations that continue to perform these experiments with impunity. Yet luckily, the One Voice label makes identifying ethically fabricated products easier than ever.

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When will France jump on the "cruelty-free" bandwagon?

European regulation has had little effect on motivating French laboratories to change their stance on animal testing. Without penalties or other incentivizing measures in place, companies have no reason to change their routine practices.

The One Voice Label

Rabbits and rodents are the animals most frequently victim to experimentation. Even if the existing laws are not enforced and laboratories maintain outdated methods, alternative solutions do exist. The blue and orange One Voice label clearly marks products that have not been tested on animals— and they are even vegan!

Give compassion!

For Valentine's Day this year, Melvita renewed its certification with One Voice's label initiative. They offer a wide range of products to choose from, including those for both men and women, skin treatments, and perfumes. Many other cruelty-free brands can be found here

One Voice wishes you an ethical Valentine's Day!

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bernadet sylvie | Tuesday 09 February 2016

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi on continue toujours ces tests barbares cruels et inutiles. Il doit y avoir un truc à gagner. L'argent c'est sûr. Cela doit coûter moins cher que sur des humains et pour l'éthique !! Moins de scrupules à torturer des animaux sans défense et c'est gratuit !!