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Captive circus animals: ministry subterfuges

Captive circus animals: ministry subterfuges

Mis à jour le 24 May 2023

Under the framework of the law against animal mistreatment, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition committed to redefining the French National Advisory Committee for Captive Wildlife [Commission nationale consultative pour la faune sauvage captive (CNCFS)] regulations. The Committee, which has the power to issue competency certificates to trainers, ultimately will not have more representatives from animal rights associations. We condemn this decision.

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Another missed opportunity!

On 10 November 2022, one year after the enactment of the law on animal mistreatment, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition finally presented its draft implementing decrees to animal rights associations. The problem: the new CNCFS regulations only provide one very minor place for associations compared with circus artists. Having been invited to give our view on this subject, we hoped to be heard. But the Ministry has turned a deaf ear. Decrees relating to the organisation of this committee have just been published, still leaving very little space for animal advocates. Worse, the number of representatives from zoos and circuses has tripled. This is a true refusal to advance the protection of animals kept in circuses!

A hypocritical Ministry

This Ministry, which guarantees associations will always be the minority against the captivity industry, is the same one that committed to put an end to exploiting wild animals for circuses by the end of 2028. Incidentally forgetting to specify to the general public that these measures do not apply to travelling circuses

It also recently welcomed a new call for projects to create places in shelters for the animals that would survive the closure of their circuses. Behind the image that the Ministry for the Ecological Transition wants to portray, the reality is grim. It continues to trample on that which should be there to protect.

From 2021, an interministerial note guaranteed the protection of trainers to the detriment of their lions, tigers, elephants, and hippopotamuses, even before discussing the law, and we have again had examples of this in Cannes, Nice, and Menton in recent weeks: for another six years, the State intends to defend tooth and nail the activities of circuses who mistreat and exploit, failing to defend wild animals that are endangered. Very far from other European countries who have legislated clearly in their favour.

Nothing, neither circus artists nor the hypocrisy of the Ministry, will stop us in our fight. These animals have no place in a lorry!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Against all odds for Samba, the last ‘circus’ elephant, whose suffering has broken the State’s indifference We will defend the animals from the Franco-Belge Circus before the courts.

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amie des animaux | Thursday 18 May 2023

Toujours la même histoire : contre la maltraitance animale, ministère de la Transition écologique absent ou pas à la hauteur ; navrant, désopilant... Il faudrait que ces gens incapables de prendre de réelles décision, prennent une autre fonction que celle de défendre l'écologie car on se demande ce qu'ils font dans ce ministère !!!

anne | Thursday 18 May 2023

Il faudrait chercher parmi les pays les plus éloignés de notre "civilisation" pour trouver plus pourri!
Quelle tristesse.

olivo | Monday 01 May 2023

Toujours aussi hypocrites ces politiques. Les animaux ont le temps de souffrir d'ici 2028, et interdiction seulement dans les cirques itinérants.

00000000000 | Saturday 15 April 2023

Bonjour, la place d'un animal est de vivre dans son milieu naturel, avec sa biodiversité et avec les siens, et non pour amuser les humains.