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Animal experiments: the figures of shame

Animal experiments: the figures of shame

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The European Union has just published the latest statistics relating to animal experiments undertaken in 2018. The unconvincing report of almost 400 pages boasts about accountability and announces a fall in the number of animals being killed. In reality: nothing has changed. The animals continue to suffer terribly during these cruel and more often than not replaceable experiments.

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In the introduction, the EU publishes its vague desires for accountability – accountability requested by law and by the citizens – and announces the difference between the number of animals used in laboratories and that used for genetically modified lines.

The latter is more than 1.5 million. 16% of those suffer with illnesses from birth, appear weaker and are more exposed to stress and pain. Ethical progress is measured from the outset…

Experiments which continue despite the law

The EU announced that 8,921,758 animals were used for the first time in 2018 (to which it is necessary to add those already in the laboratories which are reused): a figure which has fallen below 9 million individuals for the first time. But the statistics previously given did not take Norway into account. With this country, 10,572,305 animals have in fact been used (still for the first time) in 2018 in European laboratories. We had reported almost identical statistics last year. It is clear to see: nothing has changed. Experiments carried out on animals, both cruel and archaic, remain commonplace, despite the European directive which provides for alternative and replacement methods to be implemented, with a commitment to the total replacement of animals in tests.

More dogs and primates

As we know, primates are protected species. However, they are being used more and more in European laboratories (+4% in 2018). Dogs are also more likely to be exposed to experimental torture: the sad statistics indicate an increase of 29%. Amongst the species most imported into the European Union from non-EU countries, there were also cats (38%) as well as dogs (46%). We do not stop raising the alarm on this despicable trafficking and the conditions in which the dogs are raised.

1.9 million animals used in France

In this sombre list, France occupies a prominent position. Our country is the third highest user of dogs in Europe: 4,219 dogs were used in our labs in 2018 (+3% compared to 2017) and the highest user of primates (3,510). France also occupies third place on the European podium when it comes to the number of animals used, standing at 1.9 million. We could continue to reel off the France’s sad records on the subject of animal experiments. Suffice to say that our country is one of the six EU countries which still uses the ascites method on mice to produce monoclonal antibodies, despite the availability of non-animal methods of production.

Animals remain cannon fodder in our country, as they do in Europe.

Translated from the French by Sophie Martin

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magaga | Friday 21 April 2023

Souffrance, cruauté des humains envers les plus vulnérables = STOOOOOP, facile à comprendre non ?

Lusi | Thursday 20 April 2023

Plus rien, à l’heure actuelle, ne justifie les expérimentations animales.
C’est écœurant, abominable et complètement retardé (voir attardé).
Nous sommes sensés avoir appris de nos erreurs mais l’appât du gain traverse tous les siècles… exportation vers des pays qui n’ont pas évolué humainement mais qui ont un compte en banque bien rempli et la France est complice (pas plus évoluée en somme).

Marie | Thursday 20 April 2023

Oui stoppez les expérimentations sur les animaux. Ils ne doivent pas subir des maltraitances ni des tortures abominables.

Wolkane | Thursday 02 December 2021

Il faut que toutes ces expériences inutiles et qui génèrent une souffrance impensable pour tous ces animaux cessent, il n'y d'autre alternatives merde !!! Y'en a marre de toutes cette barbarie qui ne sert à rien. Arrêtez tous svp...