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Animal experimentation on dogs: mobilisation for beagles!

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Beagles are dogs known for their placidity and dedication. One Voice reveals what these dogs are going through in the labs with a new, unprecedented report. It will be presented to the cabinet director of the Prefect of Yonne during a unitary protest against vivisection, in Auxerre this Saturday, September 2nd.

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The reality of these figures is terrifying: a simple example in 2014, for the whole of the European Union, 22,967 dogs, most of them beagles, ended their life in the hands of the laboratories’ mercenaries, under more than odious conditions of torture. An animal experiment which, besides being useless is unreliable, is done with products whose toxicity has been known for a long time. In our latest report, One Voice presents the inconsistency and cruelty of these tests.

Beagles are famous for their intelligence and kindness. With their small size and reproductive capacity, they have long become the designated victims of international laboratories and their providers. Puppies and adults alike, there are millions who have already suffered the pangs of experimental or fundamental research. From the dangerousness of tobacco or alcohol, to drugs already on the market, or studies on the vascular system, they are spared no ignominy.

Our National Education and Higher Education ministries unscrupulously declare that these dogs are « the most common object of study for the development, production or testing of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and safety of medication destined for human or veterinary use; food, feed and other substances or products ». Our ministerial officials’ nerve goes so far as to claim that these dogs are sacrificed for the sake of "higher education, vocational or technical training leading to occupations that involve the performance of experimental procedures on animals ..." Clearly, they are massacred to learn how to massacre and, secondarily, to heal others. Will they ever understand that the vast majority of citizens no longer want this carnage? 83% of French people clearly want to see an end to experiments on cats and dogs (IPSOS / One Voice 2016 survey).

These dogs are stuffed with various products, sliced up during surgical interventions, undergoing treatments that cause heart attack, stress, vomiting, convulsions, epilepsies, organ failure, paralysis and after certain death and in the worst cases a violent one at that. Instead of the warmth and love of a home, beagles suffer the worst.

On September 2nd, One Voice will be present at the unitary protest against vivisection organized by the CCEA in Auxerre. On this occasion, we will be received by the chief of staff for the Prefect of Yonne, where a large business breeding dogs for animal experimentation is established and where we will give him his report.

To help us stop dog and cat experiments, please sign our petition to protect them and spread our report widely!

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Cv | Saturday 13 July 2019

Je viens d’adopter un petit beagle de 6 mois qui a passé 4 mois en labo également. Malheureusement on ne peut pas savoir quelles expériences elle a subi. Mais on fera tout pour lui faire oublier cela.

Didi | Wednesday 10 July 2019

Il faut arrêter de prendre les animaux pour des cobayes, ce sont des êtres vivants au même titre que nous. Arrêtons de leur faire subir de telles horreurs.

Lolo | Sunday 09 December 2018

Laissez les animaux en paix...

Annnie | Monday 30 April 2018

Faut arrêter les souffrances sur les animaux l'expérimentation sur les animaux, pourquoi faire des expériences dessus il faut que ça s'arrête tout ça les animaux sont pas venus sur Terre pour avoir la souffrance des humains alors oui les laboratoires faut que ça soit fermé ; partagez.