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An explosive victory against the breeders of Mézilles!

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A round won in our showdown against the breeders of Mézilles! A Prefectural decree of Yonne which authorized the increase in the capacity of breeding and the exploitation of beagles and golden retrievers bred for animal experimentation has been cancelled! It's a victory for the dogs! An explosive court decision, which is very heart-warming.

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The Prefectural decree of October 10th 2018 authorizing the Centre des Élevage du Domaine des Souches (CEDS) (breeding dogs for experimentation) to exploit 3,200 dogs in the town of Mézilles has been cancelled! The administrative court of Dijon has decided following the hearing on June 27th, in the legal case between One Voice, the Prefecture of Yonne and the Centre d'Elevage des Souches (CEDS) which "breeds" and supplies Beagles and golden retrievers in the chain for animal experimentation, the dogs are born for a lifetime of suffering.

Our actions have paid off!

If the Paris Court of Appeal had forbade us to use the information collected by a bailiff who was proving the suffering of these dogs, the Dijon court on the contrary, found in our file ample material to question that of the opposing parties… and pronounce the necessary judgment!
We have shown that breeding is rife in a non-regulatory framework and accumulates lists of offenses: “reception capacity” largely exceeded for a long time (including for puppies less than 4 months old!), environmental nuisances (noise and water pollution) also the owners' inability to finance their appetite for expansion for more dogs sold and less care given.

With this procedure which proves us right, it was the massed citizen mobilization for a more humane and more reliable science which wins the day! The global trend is to decrease animal testing and explore other research methods. No more livestock should grow on our soil! On the contrary, they must close these centres one after the other.

A decisive round?

The wind is turning! If this decision is likely to be challenged soon, we are ready for the next confrontations to support these 1,500 dogs, bitches and puppies still detained in this establishment. And we will not lower our guard until it has closed completely. Until then, let’s rejoice that justice has penalized this bastion in field of experimentation and therefore animal suffering in France!

Please continue to sign our petition, to give even more weight to this victory which is also yours.

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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