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No to the slaughter of stray dogs in Frontenaud!

No to the slaughter of stray dogs in Frontenaud!

Mis à jour le 25 November 2019

Thursday March 21st Frontenaud in Saone-et-Loire, the gendarmerie discovered the dead bodies of a man and his dog. Both had traces of bite marks. But nothing indicates that the bites were caused before their death or worse, were the cause. However, the Prefecture then decides to publish an order authorizing the slaughter of stray dogs. An open door towards a massive slaughter of homeless dogs ... We file an appeal to the Administrative Court of Dijon and ask for the suspension of this order!

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Editorial 18th April 2019

Victory! We were heard: the decree that we had confronted has been repealed by the Prefect!
The hearing should have been held this Friday April 19th in Dijon.
Stray animals must be protected, rescued and not hunted.

Considering that this tragedy was the result of a stray dog in the area, the Saône-et-Loire Prefecture publishes a radical decree authorizing the shooting of any homeless dogs that are "potentially dangerous"
All dogs left on their own, abandoned, without family, suffering from hunger, cold, are likely to be shot. What is the crime of these individuals? Are they not already vulnerable enough, struggling alone for their survival without the comforting warmth of a home? Abandonment is already a profound trauma for them. The anguish, every day, to find the strength necessary to live until the next day! Why not rescue them rather than shoot them? Will killing be for a long time to come a privileged solution enjoyed by the authorities?

Moreover, the Rural Code provides that capture is mandatory for dogs without families. Killing a stray individual should only be a solution by default, considered only after trying everything to save him or out of necessity as one might have to defend oneself ... Today, if they have become fearful, it is possible to socialize these dogs little by little with the help of committed professionals.

Undercover and stalking a single animal - which is already a scandalous act - the Prefecture simply authorizes the mass slaughter of all abandoned dogs in the street! A cruel (and ineffective) vision of managing strays that is reminiscent of other scandals in another French department or elsewhere in the world.

One Voice lodges an appeal for the use of excess power against the decree of the Prefecture of Saone-et-Loire and an interim suspension. Support us by signing the petition for a better legal status for our dog and cat companion’s, who are classed as full members of our family.

Séverine Bazin
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Truk_ | Sunday 16 June 2019


Francoise | Friday 26 April 2019

Stop aux tueries, il suffit de les stériliser.

Pollux | Friday 19 April 2019

Cet arrêté à bien été abrogé !! Car j’habite En Saône et Loire, si besoin je peut me rendre à Frontenaud !!! C’est vraiment n’importe quoi !!! On n’a pas le droit de tuer comme cela !!!

katherine | Friday 19 April 2019

Stop it!!!