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Micha died on the 12th November

Micha died on the 12th November

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After a few days’ antibiotics were discontinued to see if he could regain his strength by himself, Micha's health then deteriorated sharply. He would have to be anesthetized to undergo surgery and tests. Several days were necessary before the Tanière could recive this permission...
Micha never woke up. He had tumours everywhere, even in his brain.

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At the beginning of September, we had already denounced the conditions of extreme misery in which he and his companions were living in at their winter quarters of the Poliakov’s, in Loir-et-Che. The Minister of Ecology, Élisabeth Borne, had then discovered like the rest of the public that his paws were infested with maggots, his breathing was difficult and then she chose to intervene on his behalf.

Micha left behind him Bony and Glasha, whose suffering is evident, probably less glaring but equally serious, and Mina the little monkey and several parrots, horses and a dromedary, the of which has just died ...

Even so, he still lived a real bears life be it only for a few weeks or so, a real bear’s life, eating until he was full, having recovered weight and a well-tempered character. All this after suffering horribly for hours, days, weeks, months, years...

But for the officials, the Prefect, the veterinarian and trainers, who have for too long permitted that no improvement takes place for the animals of the Poliakov’s, will they eventually be held accountable! Several law suits are ongoing, including one on November 28th, we will be facing the Prefect of Loir-et-Cher Administrative Court in Orleans.

For twenty years we have been demanding the liberation of the Poliakov’s bears. For almost two months we have been demanding that Bony, Glasha and the other animals are released from their infamous jails. For twenty years we have been calling for the cessation of the exploitation of animals in circuses. How many more deaths will there be before the publication of a ministerial decree prohibiting this medieval practice ?

Please continue to sign and share the petition.

Julia Mothé
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The fight for the lions at the Nouveau Cirque Triomphe continues in Grenoble Animal defenders threatened with knives, insulted, and hit by the Muller Circus.

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domino | Saturday 28 March 2020

Je suis révolté! Je voudrais la voir sur le ballon! Et cette hypocrisie devant les spectateurs, c'est énorme... J'ai vraiment mal, j'espère qu ils ont une seconde VIE nos animaux. Un grand merci aux responsables du refuge, j'espère ils vont gagner pour les deux autres et toute mon admiration pour tous ces gens aimants et dévoués. Je voudrais être jeune pour être des vôtres !

Kro | Sunday 08 December 2019

J'en ai mal au cœur, moi qui rêve de pouvoir faire des dons chaque mois. Je hais ces dresseurs... Merci One Voice pour ce que vous faites

Sandrine | Sunday 24 November 2019

Stop aux animaux dans les cirques

Stéphane | Sunday 24 November 2019

Triste nouvelle.
En espérant que Glasha et Bony pourront être saisis et placés en refuge très rapidement !