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Mézilles: new audience and gathering for dogs

Mézilles: new audience and gathering for dogs

Mis à jour le 21 January 2020

The breeding of beagles and golden retrievers in Mézilles greatly exceeded the number of dogs it is authorized to breed and the Prefect validated the breeders request to increase their breeding capacity. The hearing concerning this aspect of the case will take place on May 16th 2019 at the administrative court of Dijon at 8:30 a.m. One Voice has been continuously fighting for the closure of this “factory-farm” so that exploited dogs can finally have a taste of a real joyful life with peace and serenity from a loving home. We will also be in action on May 18th at 11 a.m. in front of the Yonne prefecture in Auxerre, to make the voice of these martyred dogs heard. We will not be silenced!

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Editorial from June 26th 2019:

The hearing initially scheduled for May 16th at the administrative court of Dijon will take place this Thursday June 27th at 8:00 am.

Editorial from May 14th 2019:

The hearing initially scheduled for May 16th at the administrative court of Dijon is postponed to a later date.

Our rally of May 18th 2019 in front of the Prefecture of Yonne in Auxerre, it is maintained.

Dogs without company

Locked up, intensive breeding, resale, etc.: all the operating conditions of the centre remind us of a puppy and dog factory, a living hell for them; in fact, for anyone in such conditions!
Their birth from intensive breeding is only the beginning of a life without consideration or love, whose first and last existence will be in laboratories. There are 800 bitches who are used to produce puppies without respite, locked up with their young ones in cement boxes, without sharing neither joy nor tenderness.
How can we imagine that the few employees at the centre can provide the correct care and attention to these thousands of beagles and golden retrievers?

We filed a complaintfor acts of cruelty, ill-treatment and lack of care and were able to enter the premises of the centre of Mézilles, accompanied by a bailiff who identified many unbearable facts. After having validated the information that the bailiff had identified, the justice system was avoided by preventing us from using the findings in our complaint against this breeding. Our campaign to raise awareness of the tragic fate of these beagles and golden retrievers has also been compromised by this prevention of information. This time, at the administrative court of Dijon, we will face the Prefecture who has given the breeder the permission to enlarge this breeding centre, which has been carried out, outside of the authorized framework. Yet one more scandal ...

Let's come together for these silenced beagles and golden retrievers

Our motivation to act on behalf of these “guinea pigs” for the demands of a science beyond conscience is stronger than anything. We will gather again in front of the Prefecture of Yonne in the city centre of Auxerre on Saturday May 18th at 11 a.m., we are counting on your mobilization to make the voices of martyred dogs be heard in Mézilles.

To support our fight for them, please continue to share and sign our petition !

Claire Walder
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Mimi | Monday 21 October 2019

Et depuis ce rassemblement que s'est-il passé pour ces pauvres chiens ?

One Voice | Thursday 24 October 2019

Bonjour, l'arrêté préfectoral de l'Yonne autorisant l'augmentation de la capacité d'accueil de l'établissement a été annulé ! Je vous invite à lire notre article : .
Bien cordialement, l'équipe de One Voice

berrut | Sunday 30 June 2019

C'est dégueulasse de faire subir tout ça à des animaux

lola | Thursday 27 June 2019

Arrêtez vos expérimentations sur les animaux, ce ne sont pas des cobayes.

marie | Saturday 15 June 2019

Halte à ces expériences inutiles et qui détruisent des êtres sensibles dans d'horribles souffrances.