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Jesko is now definitely out of the woods!

Jesko is now definitely out of the woods!

Mis à jour le 25 November 2019

Wednesday, March 13th the Creteil High Court was the scene of the trial of the security guard who kept had kept Jesko locked in the boot of his car. A day that had started under heavy rains and winds then ended bathed in sunlight. As for the life of Jesko, who at that moment, had a definite positive turn.

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The security guard approaches the bench. He argues by snapping at words, having a daily life that is worse than that of his dog ... But it is his actions that have almost cost the life of Jesko. A man who is a reoffender, a man whom the judge had been lenient with. Coming out of the trial, in the evening, we once again have the impression that even if the facts are proven and taken into account, the cases in which animals are the victims are relegated to the background ...

"There is abuse and abuse"

From the beginning of the hearing, we feel that the case will not be judged severely enough. The judge says that there is "abuse and abuse" and that "the dog is not branded by this abuse", even if it is "nevertheless undernourished." So many incriminating things against this man, who immediately hides behind a smokescreen of misery to justify his actions and denies the suffering inflicted upon Jesko. The judge is still not fooled when the accused says he is homeless and sleeping in the car with Jesko, the judge suddenly blazes: "No, we cannot allow that to be said, you have never been seen with the dog in the car during the investigation!"

"He had lost ten pounds, if he had continued to lose weight, he would now be dead"

Between September and January, Jesko lost no less than ten kilos! Two veterinarians conferred that if this had continued, he would be dead. Our investigation shows that there were long hours without being fed and especially without water and without being able to go out! The man used the dog for his job as a security guard. It was a tool to him, stored, treated as such, in a totally insufficient space. In less than a month thanks to our care, Jesko took back seven kilograms.
The two aggravating circumstances were not, in our view, taken into account at their proper levels. The man is customary: in 2002 while still a firefighter, he was accused of acts of cruelty, for a dog found in his car! And as a security officer, he could not have ignored the regulations.

Jesko saved but a slight sentence has been given

Hypocrisy or real repentance, the accused recognizes his wrongdoing even if he adds that he personally admits he does not have a great life. How can humans, in a position of power over these sentient beings, put themselves on the same level?
The judge will decide to reduce the sentence in relation to the indictment of the prosecution: "Sir, you are found guilty of the facts you are charged with. You are sentenced to 2 months of a suspended sentence. This is a warning. Now for the hub of this matter: we can confirm the confiscation of the animal, and its final surrender to the association One Voice Finally, you have a ban to be able to own an animal for 5 years, which is the maximum.

Jesko will find peace, it's obvious. Our Cell Zoé is now actively seeking a loving family. To give us more weight behind these types cases where dogs are used and treated as tools, please sign the petition against violence towards pets and for the legislative tightening of sentences.

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Nannie | Monday 08 April 2019

Il n'y a rien de plus aimant et fidèle qu'un chien. Quant la vie est difficile elle devient plus supportable grâce à un animal de compagnie. Alors je ne comprends pas la maltraitance de certaines personnes ? Puisqu'il est récidiviste il aurait du être condamné à ne plus avoir d'animaux à vie.
Le chien a risqué sa vie.
Il aurait du être condamné à travailler dans un centre de SPA afin de rendre le bien aux animaux en compensation de tout le mal qu'il a fait à JESKO.
Merci One voice pour votre travail.

Michadri | Monday 08 April 2019

Comment cet individu parvenait à avoir du travail avec son chien. Personne n'a vu que cette pauvre bête était en souffrance ? La réglementation pour détenir un chien pour le travail doit être plus sévère.

catherine | Sunday 07 April 2019

Heureusement qu'il existe des associations comme la votre pour combattre la cruauté
humaine. Merci pour votre engagement sans relâche

Maryse | Friday 05 April 2019

Merci une fois de plus pour votre action tendresse pour Jesko mais beaucoup d'amertume quant au jugement.