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A court hearing against the Prefect of the Drôme to release Jumbo from the circus!

A court hearing against the Prefect of the Drôme to release Jumbo from the circus!

Mis à jour le 26 November 2019

A new hearing at the Administrative Court of Grenoble for Jumbo. It will be held on October 29th as part of our appeal against the Prefecture of Drôme. Rather than facing up to the reality of a hippopotamus being mistreated the Prefecture prefers to hide his face.

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It is with the upmost patience that we continue our fight for Jumbo. On October 29th, we will be at the Administrative Court of Grenoble to denounce once again the living conditions of this hippopotamus, sequestered by the Muller circus and the unacceptable sit back and do-nothing attitude of the administrative authorities vis-à-vis its torturers.

A new appeal against the prefecture of Drôme

Already two years have passed while we have waited for this hearing ... they now intervene following our appeal, going back to 2017, an affair which has opposed us from the beginning, the Prefecture of the Drôme being the biggest hindrance. For the record, we filed a law suit against this institution for "excess of authority" after it refused to place Jumbo into a sanctuary, despite flagrant evidence of abuse that we have presented. Our proof is damning... It shows that the most basic needs of this hippopotamus, sequestered for 30 years now, are not respected and that his life, one that is deprived of water, is a living hell.

Inspections and illusions

But the Prefecture has preferred to hide behind inspection reports not mentioning any particular problems. It must be said that the visits by veterinarians are usually announced or even made at the request of the circus when it suits them! An inspector told Le Point magazine in 2017 that she had not performed a clinical examination of Jumbo, that she had not carried out a clinical examination of Jumbo, that she had not even touched him at the time when the hippos «owners» had urged her to establish a health status of the animal! She also acknowledged that she could not know if the “conditions were satisfactory” she had observed where the circus had parked up in the cities where the touring show was performing… We suspect that in honouring the planned visits of the veterinarian, the Muller circus had for once observed decorum and deployed all its resources to persuade the outcome of the inspection…

On the side of reality

On our side, we followed Jumbo tracing every movement of the circus. And we know the realities of his ordeal. Our investigations, the reports from our experts, attest to his immense distress. As for his torturers, we have had many opportunities to have witnessed first-hand their violence, both verbal and physical, from those who do not think as us: our teams have largely paid the price. Witness the screenshots on their Facebook page, included in the article of the newspaper Le Point, where we see their high degree of reflection and argumentation ... It is of upmost urgency that Jumbo be removed from their clutches; his survival is at stake. In the wake of our appeal against the Prefecture of October 29th to the administrative court of Grenoble, the lawsuit we filed against the circus Muller for ill-treatment - the first of its kind in France - will be held a month later in Valencia.

Please continue to support our action for Jumbo by signing our petition !

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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Christophe | Thursday 31 October 2019

Stop spécisme.
Animaux libres et reconnus.
Évolution face à la loi
Aidez les propriétaires des cirques à transformer leur métier

Nad | Thursday 31 October 2019

Il est temps que l’État prenne ses responsabilités face à la souffrance animale.

marie | Tuesday 29 October 2019

J'espère de tout mon cœur que ce procès va aboutir à la libération de Jumbo, et enfin fini la maltraitance.

murgod2018 | Monday 28 October 2019

Conserver des animaux sauvages dans des cirques itinérants est tout à fait obsolète, surtout dans un pays comme la France, et devrait être dorénavant interdit. Et en plus, Jumbo est maltraité. Qu'attend donc le préfet de la Drôme? Ne peut-il s'expliquer?