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50 dogs killed by a breeder on the island of the Reunion: One Voice is angry!

50 dogs killed by a breeder on the island of the Reunion: One Voice is angry!

Mis à jour le 11 September 2018

A deer farmer boasted that he had slaughtered 50 dogs on Reunion Island. And our complaint against this illegal act would have been dismissed? The Prefect would even consider hiring professional hunters to solve the problem of strays. Faced with this outrage, One Voice, angry, wrote to the Minister of Overseas Territories, lodged a complaint with the Attorney General and filed another against the Prefecture. The state must take its responsibilities and enforce the law!

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On June 13, we filed a complaint against a deer farmer who had published the photos of dogs he had slaughtered, more than fifty according to him! This act of retaliation is totally illegal: it is forbidden by law to kill domestic animals, strays or not. The fact that dogs have killed sheep, goats and deer is not a valid motive.

Two goats injured and abused

On June 28, two wounded kids who were allegedly attacked by stray dogs were taken by truck to the law firm defending the association One Voice. The breeders concerned, in their way of thinking, demanded compensation "Since we defend the dogs" and following the complaint of 13 June 2018 to deal with these animals!

As we were first and foremost concerned with relieving the poor goats of their suffering and injuries, bearing in mind the appalling treatment that they had been submitted to on the road in the back of the truck. We immediately decided to take charge of them. But the breeders, obviously more interested in an article in the local paper than concerned about the pain of two dying beings, finally left with them, claiming to take them to the vet to be put down.

Our complaint dismissed?

It was through the press that we learned that our complaint against the deer farmer has already been dismissed. It must be said that, for the Prefect of the Reunion, the question of starys seems to have to be settled with a gun. He even intended to appoint professional hunters during the hunting of these strays to deal with the crisis! Because yes, there is a real problem with strays on the island, but slaughtering dogs and cats is by no means a solution. Not only is it cruel, this method is ineffective. We already have a procedure in place to demand that "useful measures" be put into practice by the Prefect.

We have therefore filed a complaint against the Prefecture and sent a letter to the Minister of Overseas Territories to alert her of the situation and ask her to put an end to an emergency situation. We also filed a complaint with the Attorney General, because if our complaint against the breeder is dismissed, who has already killed 50 dogs, animals that are best protected by French law, we fear this could be the adopted method of dealing with things. It's an implied license to shoot them with a rifle. One Voice will not let it go.

Sign and share our petition so that cats and dogs are really protected!

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Sylvie | Sunday 08 July 2018

Il faut vraiment faire quelque chose pour que cesse cet abattage d'animaux, illicite... Merci à vous.

Hugo | Friday 06 July 2018

Je suis ecoeuré
Inacceptable !
Inhumain !

Mic | Thursday 05 July 2018

Honte à ces individus sans foi ni loi, des lâches qui s'en prennent à des êtres sans défense sous de mauvais prétextes!!!!

mumu | Thursday 05 July 2018

bravo à One Voice d'avoir porté plainte contre la préfecture de la réunion ! ne vous laissez jamais intimider ! Est-ce-la France oui ou non ? Est-ce-acceptable de ne pas appliquer la loi ?