Peace for Galeo !

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Peace for Galeo !

Taken from his mother at the age of 5, Galeo was sent to Planet Sauvage where he was placed with dolphins from other family groups.

Galeo has become the 'punch-bag' of this artificial group. His body bears the marks of this violence; covered in bite marks and a skin condition which disfigured him more and more every day until One Voice filed a complaint and he was finally treated. But he isn't out of danger.

The stage, the music and the show conceal real suffering. The trauma of the separation from his mother and his social group, the isolation, the fear of attack, the pain from his injuries and the continual assaults, held captive in an environment where he can't escape his aggressors. A life of misery, turning in infinite circles in manmade pools far removed from the ocean and its richness. The biologist Ingrid Visser, a world specialist in cetaceans, is certain that she had never seen a dolphin in such a state. Galeo's life is in danger.

Galeo's fixed smile conceals a life of misery and pain. Unable to defend himself from the humans that have enslaved him.