For Aïcko, Galéo, Inouk, Femke, and all captive cetaceans: let's close the dolphinariums!

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For Aïcko, Galéo, Inouk, Femke, and all captive cetaceans: let's close the dolphinariums!

For how long will France tolerate slavery on its own territory?

What else do you call the detention and the exploitation of dozens of cetaceans in prisons pompously named dolphinariums?

Of course, the chains of bondage are absent, the atmosphere is festive with the turquoise water. Dolphins smile and orcas splash the audience mischievously. Everything is done so that the slaves appear to embrace the joys of living! 

Denounce this masquerade and put an end to it!

Do we need to remember that these wonderful creatures, whose natural habitat is the immensity of the ocean, are not objects of entertainment? That their removal from their natural environment and the deprivation of their vital needs, from a psychological as well as a physical point of view, are sources of untold suffering?

One Voice calls for a mass mobilization and persistent pressure so that captive cetaceans are returned to their true lives and finally put an end to this exploitation of these nonhuman people!

Don’t fail them! Demand the closing of dolphinariums and prevent the opening of new ones!

« The law for the reconquest of biodiversity has been adopted without the amendments on the closure of dolphinariums. The French government is once again showing its lack of interest in the suffering of cetaceans. Yet the psychological suffering of cetaceans kept in captivity eventually turns them insane. The story of the Tilikum the orca in Blackfish tragically illustrates this problem. Dolphinariums isolate marine mammals and impose forced exhibitions for commercial purposes. They abuse animals and damage biodiversity. »

Several countries already ban these structures on their soil in order to protect cetaceans. Chile, Hungary, Costa Rica in 2005, Switzerland in 2012 and finally India in 2013.

It is unthinkable that France refuses to take into account this scientific evidence and continues to ignore the suffering of these marine mammals.

The death of the orca Valentin, who died at the age of 19 when he was captive at Marineland in Antibes, should not be in vain.

We, the undersigned, support One Voice's request to ban dolphinariums in France and to transfer all captive cetaceans to marine sanctuaries, as recommended by Dr. Ingrid Visser. The French state must release cetaceans detained against their will and permanently close these jails and block any new projects.