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Kamli weighed only 2.5 kg when she arrived at the shrine of Agra, India. She was fortunate to be saved before being tortured by the Kalandars who force bears dance. Thanks to the good care of her surrogate mother, she is today a beautiful bear of 95 kg and particularly amusing in a way... and very much attached to the humans who saved her.

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Little Jasmine arrived just two months ago at the Indian Sanctuary in Agra. Separated from her mother very early, it took a lot of patience and perseverance to reassure her and restore her taste for life. Today, she is full of energy and spreads her joy of living throughout the sanctuary!

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Bhola was forced to walk on burning hot tarmac roads in Indian to transport tourists or materials. Knocked over by a truck, convinced of the severity of his injuries his "owner" – was unwillingly to treat him – so, to entrust him to us. At the sanctuary of elephants, he now flourishes, free from all hindrance.

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Heera was living her final moments when she was rescued in December 2013. Abandoned for almost a year by her "owner" on an Indian farm, she endured the worst suffering. Today, she licks her psychological wounds. Her strength and will is an example to us all.

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Born free in 1983, Victor was snatched from his mother to serve as a surrogate baby for unscrupulous humans. He then lived long solitary years at Nancy Nursery Zoo before being released by One Voice. Today, he finally savoured the true life of a chimpanzee, in semi-freedom at the sanctuary of Mona, Spain.

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