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Wild boar head left on a pathway in Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille: we are writing to the appropriate authorities

Wild boar head left on a pathway in Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille: we are writing to the appropriate authorities

Mis à jour le 26 January 2023

We were informed about photos taken on 5 December of a wild boar’s head left on a public bench in the town of Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille (Gard). We have just written to the town hall, the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB, the hunting police in particular), and the Gard Prefecture.

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A wild boar’s head, cut off, was put down and left on a public bench in a town in Gard. Beyond the cruelty of this act, the total absence of respect for the animal killed, and the shock undoubtedly caused to passers-by – particularly children – by the sight of an abandoned wild boar head, this act is a criminal offence.

We have written to the appropriate authorities (the town hall, OFB, and Prefecture), because this head could legally be considered as litter, which is the responsibility of the town hall; additionally, the animal could have been killed outside of any rules applicable to hunting, which is the responsibility of both the OFB and the Prefecture...

Just for abandoning this animal’s body part on a public road could risk up to two years of imprisonment and a €75,000 fine. If in addition the regulations on hunting had not been followed... Faced with acts of provocation by hunters, we think that checks should be increased.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Yvo | Tuesday 13 December 2022

La notion de respect de la nature et des animaux devrait être inculquée dès la prime enfance, et ce tout au long de la scolarité. Les pratiques innommables qu’il nous faut absolument combattre se construisent souvent au sein même des familles, de génération en génération (les familles de chasseurs, les familles de rabatteurs, etc). De manière générale, nous perpétuons les habitudes/les coutumes apprises auprès des anciens.

trochu | Friday 09 December 2022

Nous atteignons de jour en jour, l'inadmissible et l'horreur dans tous les domaines concernant les animaux, alors qu'une grande majorité de français prétendent les aimer, comment est ce possible encore ?