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When they discover what hunting really is, the French reject it on mass!

Is this the end of an omerta (code of silence)? According to the results of the last IPSOS survey commissioned by One Voice, the French know very little about the reality of hunting, lulled by illusions of the hunters' lobby and their self-proclaimed image of field ecologists. The reality is different, and our fellow citizens, like us, do not want it!

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Cruel, belonging to the past and dangerous for them, their relatives and their pets, the French have a bad image of hunting. They recommend better supervision of this practice, a ban on hunting during the entire school holidays and two days a week including Sunday (82%). Three-quarters of them, moreover, have a very negative view of the presidential gift of the drop in the price of the hunting license. But more than that, they do not know what types of hunting are still practiced in France and how. And when they discover it, aghast, they cannot tolerate these practices any longer.

Hunting, an omerta (code of silence) that cannot last anymore

The most popular rhetoric, that of the tradition preached by the hunters consists in presenting their hobby as having utility, using the of best terms such as "regulation", "culling" etc. But they never communicate their methods, conditions and places of killing animals. This is the main problem. Because in a democratic country like ours, it is important that information is circulated so that citizens can make informed choices!

Breeding for hunting, digging of setts and dens, hunting with hounds, cruel traps: rejected!

The people want to stop cruel practices such as raising animals for the sole purpose of killing them, digging of setts and dens while nocturnal animals are sleeping and forcing them out with dogs. They strongly reject the hunt (82%), which has made so much talk about this subject since last year.

More than eight out of ten French people no longer want these glue and net traps, these killing traps, which not only kill but cause pain, and which do not distinguish between the endangered species and others.

Pollution and a permanent danger for the earth and the biodiversity

When people learn that the rifle cartridges represent more than 6000 tons of lead and plastic spilled on the wetlands and in the forests of France, the deleterious impact on the environment can no longer be ignored. They obviously condemn them.

Unsecured protected areas!

Finally, 9 out of 10 French people are unaware that animals can be killed during the breeding season, and hunted in national parks, nature reserves or biological reserves, and they themselves are as much to want these practices!

How is it that political decisions do not follow the opinion of the people? Empathy is a vital force that needs to be strengthened, the coexistence on our planet of humans with animals should be a prerequisite for any reflection on the rest. Instead, it is all about absurd and deadly traditions, while all signals are red regarding the environment and the animals that populate our blue planet.

We will be with more than 40 partners in Paris this October 13th, to demand a major and in-depth reform of hunting, pending its ban. Please sign our petition and join us!

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pimprenelle | Monday 12 November 2018

OUI la chasse fait de la désinformation. Merci ONE VOICE d'avoir fait ce sondage. Quant à l'OMERTA que ce soit pour la chasse, l'expérimentation animale, les cirques il faut la briser en informant le public.
Les lobbys sont très puissants. Maintenant que N. Hulot est parti, le nouveau ministre introduit plus de chasse, plus de déterrage et pratiques cruelles de la chasse. Alors stop : les chasseurs ne sont pas des écologistes par leur méthode cruelle sans empathie pour le monde animal.
A quand un débat entre partisan (qui sont invités dans les émissions radio/télé) et les détracteurs eux presque jamais si ce n'est jamais invités.

Susan72 | Sunday 04 November 2018

Les résultats sans appel de ce sondage sont très intéressants, surtout si on les met en parallèle aux "débats" que l'on peut entendre sur France Info, lorsqu'il y est question de chasse, avec des plateaux constitués de gens totalement ignorants et tous pro-chasse, serinant la bouillie habituelle : il y a trop de sangliers, les forestiers et agriculteurs se plaignent, heureusement que les chasseurs sont là, on ne peut pas se passer d'eux, et pour les accidents c'est bien triste mais ils sont très contrôlés, et puis on ne va pas interdire la voiture parce qu'il y a des accidents, etc.... Consternant!

France Info, la voix de son maître (Macron), mais à des années-lumières du peuple français!
Ils n'ont pas parlé de la manif du 13 octobre, noyée dans la masse des autres manifs...

Anne | Wednesday 24 October 2018

Interdire la chasse ❤

Nat 59 | Wednesday 17 October 2018

Dimanche soir je contactais la mairie de mon village pour signaler des tirs soit tôt le matin, vers 7h30 soit tard vers 19h 30 alors qu'il fait quasi noir. Le garde chasse à immédiatement prit contact avec nous en nous disant simplement qu'il ne s'agissait pas d'un chasseur faisant parti de la société de chasse du village mais de chasseurs''indépendants''! Ces messieurs ont donc apparemment le droit de tirer même dans des conditions de visibilité quasi nulle ! On marche sur la tête !! A quand le prochain '' accident''?