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When the birds fall from the sky

When the birds fall from the sky

Mis à jour le 20 August 2020

From the skies of our countryside and cities, birds are disappearing everywhere. Dying from hunger, under a hail of bullets or from hunting with glue, what else remains for them, hope? For each of them, we will fight to the end.

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Birds are disappearing everywhere. This phenomenon is general, it spares neither birds from the cities, nor from the countryside. 421 million birds have disappeared in less than 30 years in Europe and 73% of Parisian sparrows in 13 years.

The causes are multiple and cumulative: phytosanitary products, the disappearance of insects, sites where to nest and climate change ... As if that were not enough, they must also face so-called managers of nature, those who seem to above all want to eradicate all in their path.

In Deux-Sèvres, partridges are in very poor condition, with eight birds missing from ten. Yes, partridges, the very ones that are supposedly well managed by hunters. Having to endure the local shoots and then the reintroduction to the countryside of these birds by means of the hunters efficient breeding schemes...

Irresponsible right up to the end of a rifle

And some speak of "responsible" hunting? But where is the responsibility when one takes to the forests that are deserted by walkers with a gun in hand to shoot all that moves? And of course, there have been mistakes made - damage to a protected species (dogs, cats and even residents who dared to go out into their gardens have been targeted)! Where is the responsibility when we release weakened, fattened animals, who have been selected to be easy prey? Where is the responsibility when using ancestral methods that blindly trap or kill? Where is the responsibility when a bird from a migratory species, has be reintroduced or protected in another country, only to be slaughtered while crossing ours? 

Concerning responsibility, well there is obviously none when you see the disappearance of species. And what is left? A bloodthirsty leisure activity which desperately tries to justify its killings when its country’s population is largely opposed to it.

All for one and one for all

So, for all the bird victims, we chose the path of appeal, because a single bird killed by hunting is a bird that will be missing, an individual who had the right to live. For each and every one of them, we will go all the way. And not one case in law through the courts is to be feared in case of failure.

In France, the courts and tribunals are not bound by their previous decisions, but a new act of law can be opposed in a new case. So, nothing to fear then, quite the contrary, for those whom we will protect and continue to fight for without stopping. And since the State Council seems to have taken the side of the hunters by dismissing our requests, it is before the European Commission that they will have to justify their actions!

We will be on November 20th at 2 p.m. be Infront of the State Council for our appeal to the merits concerning these orders of cruel traditional hunts (using glue, etc.) which trap and injure, even kill, blackbirds, thrushes, and many 'other little birds. We will also be there to cancel the ministerial order authorizing the killing of wild geese during February, while they are crossing our skies and are in full migration. At the beginning of February, we had obtained the suspension of this order.

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GEGE | Saturday 17 April 2021

C'est une honte d'avoir autant d'oiseaux tués par les chasseurs, que trouve-t-on dans la chasse, il n'y a aucune empathie dans le fait de tuer, que ressentent les animaux, eux ?

Mamimeuh | Monday 18 November 2019

Depuis quelques temps les oiseaux disparaissent ! Au lieu de prendre leurs responsabilités, tous ceux qui les tuent font courir la rumeur que ce sont les chats qui détruiraient cette biodiversité ! J'ai vécu à une époque où le chat n'était pratiquement jamais enfermé, et pourtant, les oiseaux pullulaient et leurs prédateurs aussi ! Il y a cinquante ans on commençait à utiliser les produits nocifs sur les cultures et aujourd'hui on en subit les conséquences ! Je vois surtout des chats affamés, alors c'est qui le coupable ?

Libre | Wednesday 18 December 2019

Hélas, tout à fait vrai. Les fausses informations circulent pour ceux qui croient à tout ce qu'ils lisent. Il y a même des pétitions pour garder les chats à l'intérieur. Du marketing bien entendu pour bénéficier les compagnies de pesticides et aussi ceux qui ont le plus d'intérêt a détruire les oiseaux. La majorité des gens sont contre ces pratiques, car les conséquences sont graves pour nous tous.

François | Monday 18 November 2019

Aux prochaines élections, il ne faudra pas oublier que M. Macron soutient le lobby des chasseurs

Hervé le Grand | Monday 18 November 2019

Bonjour, il me semble que les femmes et les hommes ont perdu le sens de la raison !
Qu'ai-je vu ici au fin fond de la province bretonne : des faisans portant un collier jaune qui restent près de la maison.
Voilà donc ce que les chasseurs appellent chasser ?
Le corps physique chasse et tue, l'esprit l'accepte sans doute à contre cœur et l'âme pleure... de découragement !
Quant à la responsabilité des politiciens, elle est entière !