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When minks eat whales…

When minks eat whales…

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As the populations of larger whales are being driven to extinction, whalers are turning to smaller species. Japan has been launching fleets to hunt minke whales, whose meat is coveted as a delicacy, while Norway sells their flesh to fur farms. One Voice calls on France to strongly condemn these barbaric acts.

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Several weeks ago, Japanese ships returned from Antarctica with 333 minke whales, many of which were pregnant females. This past weekend, a Japanese whaling fleet made its way toward the North Pacific for an annual hunt aimed at capturing 51 minke whales. While these killings are conducted in the name of"science," the agency that sets the quotas includes whale meat recipes on its website. Yet ironically, the meat is so toxic that Japan is barred from importing it to other countries.

On the otherside of the Eurasian landmass in Norway, whale meat is hardly eaten, so instead it is used to feed foxes and minks on fur farms. Rogaland Pelsdyrfôrlaget, the largest fur industry food manufacturer in Norway, used over 113 tons of minke whale meat, approximately 75 individual whales, to feed its captive animals

Are these hunters even aware that they are killing conscious sentient beings? The minke whale is the smallest member of the rorqual whale family, just three times larger than a human. These animals move alone and in small groups, sometimes joining larger communities if krill is abundant in a certain area. They are very fast swimmers and curious creatures: they have been known to unabashedly approach ships or ports and jump acrobatically in the air like dolphins. While we know little about their dialects or social habits, their song is quite remarkable and unique.

These very same beings, who have been frequently known to socialize with human divers, are murdered to supply grocery stores and fur factories with tainted meat. There is something wildly disturbing about the concept of capturing this rare species from the wild and skinning them alive, only to feed them to animals living hellish existences of their own, in tiny cages on fur farms—they too will face the same destiny of being skinned for profit.

The French government must et an example by being more vigilant in condemning whaling, both domestically and abroad. Like Australia, our government must denounce Japan's activities, along with those of Iceland and Norway. Given that these countries have violated the code of conduct delineated by the International Whaling Commission, Europe is obligated to respond with sanctions.

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jean-luc 62 | Friday 18 August 2017

Je suis totalement contre le massacre des animaux pour leur fourrure, que cela provienne d'animaux d'élevages (renards, visons entre autre) mais aussi contre le piégeage d'animaux dans la nature. Le massacre des phoques au Canada est aussi quelque chose de barbare. Ces animaux sont plus beaux vivants que morts. Mais hélas, tant que l'industrie de la fourrure continuera à rapporter beaucoup d'argent, cela continuera encore. La Chine est hélas le premier pays mondial fournisseur de fourrures, les animaux sont élevés dans d'atroces conditions, les méthodes d'abattages sont elles inhumaines et beaucoup d'animaux sont dépecés alors qu'ils sont encore conscients. La Chine une fois de plus prouve qu'elle n'aime pas les animaux et lorsqu'elle dit tout faire pour protéger certaines espèces animales telles le panda, je pense qu'elle ment.

loup gris | Wednesday 13 April 2016

Face à de tels scandales, la France doit se montrer plus ferme à l'égard des pays baleiniers. Il faut que notre gouvernement porte plainte contre le Japon, comme l'Australie l'a fait, mais aussi contre l'Islande et la Norvège. Il faut qu'il réclame haut et fort des sanctions de la part de l'Europe, car ces deux pays foulent aux pieds les accords de la Commission Baleinière Internationale

Mimioq | Wednesday 13 April 2016

Tout est dit

belouga | Tuesday 12 April 2016

STOP à toute cette barbarie!!!!!!!!