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When Larousse explains the circus to toddlers...

When Larousse explains the circus to toddlers...

Mis à jour le 14 January 2019

For Larousse, circuses necessarily exploit animals, and "it's magic!" The renowned publishing house gives toddlers the belief that traveling circuses are normal living places for animals. However, psychologists warn about this distortion of reality, hindering the healthy development of their empathy, which in the long term hinders the defence and protection of animals, some of which are, however, in serious danger of extinction in the wild. One Voice is protesting against this propaganda with deleterious consequences!

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"The encyclopaedia for little ones" (L'encyclopédie des petits) published by the Larousse Publishing House shows that a circus for animals is no problem in the collective imagination of a whole generation of children, even though it is a form of trivialized violence.

On the cover "read, discover and understand". But what do they understand? How normal is it for an elephant to contort into difficult positions? For tigers to suffer the lash behind bars?

The cartoon about Dumbo shown in 1947 already illustrated the shame of exploitation! And yet, more than 70 years later, we are still in this position. Still here after 20 years of incessant struggle for the animals who are ripped from their families, sold, transported, brutally trained and to end up continually exhibited. To end up dependent in the worst psychological situation, where the hand that holds the whip or the ankus is also the one that feeds.

Not happy to show real images - certainly always drawn - but in that cartoony style, with animals that seem happy to be there, disguised, locked up in a small enclosure, an elephant on a stool, ridiculed, the accompanying text suggests that it is all "magical" and impressive. No perspective, no real position taken! Where is the balanced and correct information that is expected from an encyclopaedia?

These animals are in fact in circuses, individuals of veterinary institutions have reiterated that their well-being could not be ensured in these itinerant establishments. Psychologists have also warned of the dangers of letting children believe that animals play while they act only under duress... This spectacle of the strongest over the weakest is unacceptable, both for children and the animals. Larousse and the parents must take responsibility for wild animals (tigers and lions), elephants and hippos, but also for monkeys, llamas, bears, camels ... and other animals that form our planet's biodiversity of which we all share.

We have immediately written to Larousse to demand that these illustrations be removed, from the cover to the inside pages, and have this definition of a circus corrected! 

Julia Mothé
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The fight for the lions at the Nouveau Cirque Triomphe continues in Grenoble Animal defenders threatened with knives, insulted, and hit by the Muller Circus.

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sophie | Saturday 05 January 2019

laissé sur le formulaire de contact Larousse:

Je fais référence à un livre sur le cirque qui présente joyeusement des animaux en cage et faisant des numéros "traditionnels".
Les consciences s' ouvrent et nous savons combien les conditions de sous-vie des ces animaux-esclaves sont indignes: encagés ou enchaînés à vie, trimballés sous toutes les climats, dénaturés par des numéros appris sous la contrainte ,...
Quelques exemples :

Reconnaissez qu’i l y a de plus belles relations homme-animal à apprendre aux jeunes, surtout avec l’ Urgence Planétaire qui révèle notre saccage de la biodiversité et redéfinit notre place au milieu du Vivant.
Aujourd’hui de nombreux cirques excellent avec des numéros très enthousiasmant et sans animaux : que des êtres vivants consentants. Exemple :
L’ occasion d’ en faire un album pour la jeunesse ?
Bien à vous

Brigitte | Friday 04 January 2019

Merci à Stéphane de nous avoir indiqué une adresse mail pour Larousse.
J'envoie un message de suite.

Noelle | Saturday 29 December 2018

Honteux de déformer ainsi la vérité. Les enfants doivent savoir que ces pauvres bêtes sont maltraitées, malheureuses, exhibées , traitées en marchandises. Ce n'est pas ainsi que les enfants apprendront l'empathie, le respect, la compassion.

Stéphane | Saturday 29 December 2018

Je viens d'envoyer un message à

Espérons que Larousse reverra et modifiera la définition de ce qu'est un cirque.