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When France Culture distributes propaganda on animal testing

When France Culture distributes propaganda on animal testing

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France Inter did it last winter; France Culture is following in their footsteps: for a programme on animal testing on Wednesday 7 September, ‘La Science – CQFD’ [a French podcast on science] welcomed two people in support of continuing animal testing, without inviting anyone to oppose them. We have written to France Culture to request a right of reply.

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Photo: Macaques saved from a laboratory by One Voice in 1996

You might have hoped that the media in this area would contact One Voice or other specialist associations in order to allow a debate to be held properly. The live presence of an opposing party knowing the subject sufficiently had the advantage of discouraging lies and misleading messages.

An appalling programme

Unfortunately, not content with its success last winter on France Inter, Radio France recreated the experience a few days later on France Culture. The ‘La Science – CQFD’ programme welcomed Ivan Balansard (Gircor President) and Francelyne Marano (former Francopa President and distinguished scholar).

And there is plenty to fuel our disappointment: the episode does not mention either the problems relating to the current function of ethical committees, or the illegal laboratory practices approved in recent years by the Ministry of Research, or even the recent classification of crab-eating macaques (the primates most used by French laboratories) on the list of species threatened with extinction.

Instead, we hear things that are supposed to be reassuring such as a statement that cats and dogs are used mostly for veterinary research (as if that justifies the treatment in store for them) or that the regulations and checks are very rigorous (forgetting to mention that sanctions are almost non-existent).

Do public officials have the right to lie on air?

And, more bothersome, the lies. Francelyne Marano presents staff training as very comprehensive, even though the lack of training is the most frequent non-conformity noted during inspections (for 50% of laboratories among the 450 inspection reports seen by One Voice).

Ivan Balansard maintains that the inspections are almost never announced even though the surprise inspection rate has never passed 30% in France, far behind other countries in the European Union, according to the latest report from the European Commission.

Both are public agents, however. So you would think that them lying on air of a national public media would not be allowed.

We are requesting a real debate be held

In view of this information, we have written a letter to France Culture, to ask for a new episode to be prepared on animal testing which will include specialists opposing these practices – a group which we belong to.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Véka | Wednesday 14 September 2022

J'avais également été choquée lors de l'émission "le téléphone sonne", quelques mois auparavant et attendais une réaction de la part de personnes compétentes en la matière et de certaines associations, notamment Antidote Europe.
Votre réactivité et votre connaissance du sujet permettront, je l'espère, de reprogrammer une émission dans le respect de la vérité et non pour diffuser une propagande dont les médias tels que Radio France se font trop souvent le relais, dans bien des domaines ...

Sophie | Wednesday 14 September 2022

Merci pour votre vigilance, je n'avais pas eu connaissance de ces émissions.
Ce genre d'émission est purement inadmissible d'autant plus qu'il n'y a pas de débat contradictoire. Comment peut-on faire l'éloge de l'expérimentation animale au jour d'aujourd'hui !! C'est purement indécent, dénué de réflexion.
Demander une autre émission pour rétablir certaines vérités est une initiative que j'approuve complètement.
Je suis déçue de ces radios du service public que je mettais au dessus de ce genre de propos .
Merci encore, je vais suivre attentivement vos infos.

salva | Wednesday 14 September 2022


Lily | Tuesday 13 September 2022

Franchement ignoble.. comment peut on.????. 😪😡👎Merci infiniment et fière d être de votre côté, 👍👏🥰❤️