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We are seeking justice for the robins and Eurasian blackcaps being poached. The hearing is on 27 February in Toulon

We are seeking justice for the robins and Eurasian blackcaps being poached. The hearing is on 27 February in Toulon

Mis à jour le 29 March 2023

A man has been accused of having killed many robins and Eurasian blackcaps from November 2017 to October 2020. Sinister poaching acts of which he is also a repeat offender. One Voice will give the birds who are victims of these acts a voice on 27 February at the Toulon legal tribunal.

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In September 2022, One Voice already filed a civil case in the matter of a retired farmer who had killed no fewer than 20 to 25 robins a day over the years and was making a lucrative trade from it. He was convicted.

On 27 February, justice will be sought for the robins and Eurasian blackcaps for whom we will go to the Toulon legal tribunal. The acts that the defendant is accused of are serious. Not only has he killed these poor birds over a very long period, from November 2017 to October 2020, but he has also already been convicted of this morbid activity! Additionally, he is also accused of having used a tape player to trick and attack these birds which is... forbidden.

The possibility that a man who was just convicted has been able to return to commit the same barbaric acts after hardly having left the court is shocking. It is therefore difficult to believe that the authorities have done everything that they can in this case to protect future potential victims. And this is not so surprising when we know the lack of importance that they give to birds.

Only in October 2022, the Ministry of Ecology re-implemented traditional hunting to trap larks, against the most recent decision by the State Council and the Court of Justice of the European Union, and even though birds are among the species most affected by the sixth mass extinction. For these animals, nothing ever seems to be definitively won and each victory is hard won, such as when the State Council finally ruled glue trapping as illegal in 2021. We will stop at nothing against poaching as well!

It is not normal that poachers are able to kill thousands of birds with impunity every year and each of these individuals deserves to live; therefore, One Voice is demanding that real deterrent measures be taken and real sanctions are given in the event of a conviction.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Shogun 74 | Monday 27 February 2023

Massacrer les oiseaux, ces humains ne reculent devant rien, mais quel est ce monde d'irresponsables de fous furieux ? Il doivent être sanctionnés et sans indulgence !....

pouguy | Sunday 26 February 2023

Enfin on s'occupe des petits oiseaux, on détruit tous leurs territoires avec lotissements et zones commerciales

gérald | Saturday 25 February 2023

C'est lamentable de s'en prendre à de petits oiseaux !!!!

Patricia | Friday 24 February 2023

Bon Dieu, mais il n'y a plus d'oiseaux en France ! Regardez vos jardins, vos forêts, vos bois. Plus rien ! De quelle droit certain.es s'arrogent le droit de détruire tout sur leur passage ? Et les générations futures, il leur restera quoi à admirer, à sentir, à écouter ? Quoi pour trouver les forces de vie dans une société en totale déliquescence ?