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Underground hunting tears the animals from their burrows before the sacrifice

Underground hunting tears the animals from their burrows before the sacrifice

Mis à jour le 12 October 2018

We denounce underground hunting, this type of hunt which is active during the day and which viciously drags animals from their refuge, animals who only go out at night. One Voice asks for its ban.

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A type of hunting with inflated rituals and arrogance.

This mode of hunting which is rather confidential has more and more followers. It is a practice of extreme violence. It consists of driving the badger, the fox or thecoypu, to the bottom of its burrow. To assist them, the diggers use dogs such as dachshunds, fox terriers or Jack Russell’s, which they drop into the "mouth" of the burrow. The cry of the dogs helps to locate their victim. With the help of probes, pickaxes or crowbars, they destroy the animal's home before catching it with large metal tongs and killing it with a dagger, rifle or heel. The corpse is thrown to the dogs. The digging can last up to eight hours. Eight hours of terror and appalling stress, plus dog bites. The cruelty of these architects of massacre is limitless.

Hunting in organized groups

We should no longer accept these ridiculous claims that they are helping to regulate nature or to safeguard the equilibrium of the wildlife, we have read enough of this nonsense, to defend the indefensible. These gentlemen, with dagger in hand, who destroy in "teams", their so-called gangs. More than 1500 teams exist in the country. They meet disguised as gentlemen-farmers, their age-old tradition slung over their shoulders, unearthing their loot and committing their felonies. Paraphrasing someone famous who wrote dialogues, “if the hunters could fly, the huntsmen would be squadron leaders”. Is violence nobler when it is disguised as a form of patrimonial hunting? The underground hunt is nothing more than a violation of the homes of frightened animals who, for hours on end, are stuck at the bottom of their burrows, enduring the howling of the dogs and the strikes of the pickaxes which are demolishing their home and refuge of their little ones.

Foxes, badgers or nutria (coypu), tens of thousands of victims a year.

If we were not dealing with killers, we could almost laugh at seeing the pictures they publish. Congregated around a burrow as in a sacrificial rite with a hunting score board, the poor fragile corpses. Here again our country has a terrifying backwardness in respect of animal life, many European countries protect these species, especially the badger. Will France always be one massacre too late? 

One Voice calls for the abolition of underground hunting, as well as all other forms of hunting.

Whether underground hunting exists since the 16th or 17th century or hunting as in our old practices, nobody’s remotely thinking of denying it. Never the less the knowledge that we have acquired over a few centuries is that the sententious of beings such as animals obliges us to no longer be these hapless gunslingers. Looking at our past behaviour, the idiot is forging a tradition, the person abled with reasoning sketches himself a future. Organized gang killing is not part of it and is no longer part of it. 

Daniel Ellezam
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Lylù | Monday 29 October 2018

Merci pour cet article précieux parmi tant d'autres relayés par One Voice, dont je me fais le relais à mon tour, au nom de nos frères et soeurs du règne anima-lié.
Néanmoins, au sujet de la forme au service du fond, l'emploi du terme "ânerie" me semble tout à fait inopportun, symbole de cette indécence ayant permis de mettre en mots toute l'ampleur de nos maux sur le dos des animaux.
Sachant que le vocabulaire alternatif en la matière est foisonnant : ineptie, insanité, niaiserie, sottise, connerie, etc.
Bien à vous,

chloe | Friday 26 October 2018

Une horreur sans nom, comment peut-on faire cela... ça me dégoûte de l'être humain
J'espère qu'une loi et de sévères sanctions seront prises afin d'éradiquer ces tueurs d'animaux sauvages

Pascale | Wednesday 17 October 2018

Laissons les animaux tranquilles .

estier | Tuesday 16 October 2018

Abolition totale de la chasse !! Laissez les animaux en paix.