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Jumbo: A rescue bailout

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Everything had been organized for weeks for the seizure of Jumbo. We had everything prepared. The driver and the truck, a secure place, a sanctuary in Africa and despite state officials engaged and wanting to uphold the law. This Tuesday, February 26th 2019 assisted by officials of the law to prevent any violence from the Circassians that could cost the life of somone, including that of themselves, the seizure had to be cancelled. We are more determined than ever to allow Jumbo to finally live in his ancestral lands.

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A finding of a flagrant offence, the seizure confirmed

The seizure is scheduled for Monday, February 25th, the ONCFS and the veterinarian could witness this flagrante offence. Compliance requests had been already made last year, none of which had been complied with either on the detention of Jumbo, nor on the safety of the public. But the hippopotamus was out of the tin box that serves as his home, and was stressed, he charged one of the keepers. Under these conditions impossible to proceed with the seizure, which was postponed to the next morning.

Circassians in violation, who used abuse and violence

But this Tuesday morning, the Police had to face violence from a group, this highly charged atmosphere quickly degenerating into violence.

The circus people once again showed their true face, the one without makeup or costume. Faced with the authority of the state, they did not hesitate to distribute punches, to throw metal barriers. Quickly, trucks were installed around the trailer where Jumbo lives, to make it even more difficult to seize the hippo.

The death threats, which the owner of the circus Muller has already resorted to against animal defenders on social networks, then rocketed against our drivers, their families and also the Police! A fork in his hand, one of the circus people attacked a Policeman, who saw the spikes dangerously close to his face.

A dangerous escalation against the authorities

Seeing no way out without injuries, the authorities decided to cancel the seizure. We were then on the verge of a tragedy.

Impunity has no place in the rule of the law. The police were exemplary, both in their commitment to us and in the calm that they showed in the face of this outburst of violence against them. They had come to defend an unfortunate hippopotamus whose life is nothing, being constantly locked up in a truck.

Jumbo is subjected daily to the will of the trainers and our incessant investigations show for three years now how much he suffers.

Justice will not stop there and neither will we. This setback only reinforces our determination. Your support in these circumstances is our strength. For Jumbo, please sign the petition.

Saturday, March 23rd at 11:30, we are organizing a rally next to the Pompidou Centre in Paris. All information is on Facebook about the event. Let's be many for Jumbo!

Julia Mothé
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Nel | Friday 22 March 2019

Les animaux sauvages ou pas n'ont rien à faire dans les cirques, cette maltraitance quotidienne est une honte, aimerions nous vivre en
Cage toute une vie entière? Je suis écoeurée.

nefertiti cleopatre | Friday 22 March 2019

Pour que cesse cette détention arbitraire

Marco | Thursday 21 March 2019

Plus personne dans ces cirques , ils vont vite changer leur fusil d'épaule ,impensable qu'ils nous imposent leurs lois. ........

Soph | Thursday 21 March 2019

Comment peuvent-ils être encore hors la loi ? Punissons ces êtres sans coeur et courage à vous