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A fashion show without the need for cruelty!

A fashion show without the need for cruelty!

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One Voice presents ... A parade without cruelty, organized by ACTAsia, our partner in China! In Shanghai, the fashion will be CrueltyFree !

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It is in the megalopolis of China that will parade on March 12, the latest models from 18 fashion designers, representing 8 countries from around the world! Among the events of the evening, a meal ... vegan of course ... Shanghai, the largest city in China is preparing to host a parade all the more beautiful, it will be without fur! It marks the growing awareness, even in the world of luxury, of the suffering of animals in this industry whose skin is torn off.

And the venue is not trivial. China is both the largest producer, processor and consumer of fur, while having no law protecting animals !

Glam and Vegan, it's possible! Because there is not only the grunge style in life ...

ACTAsia is our partner in China since 2008, One Voice had to be with them for this great opportunity !

Chic and ethical, the trend is to have colour and geometric shapes. Without cruelty and well established !

Great success for the parade without cruelty in Shanghai !

 On March 12, 2016, 18 creators introduced us to a trend against fur: trendy, colourful and elegant ... This humane style is on display! A pleasure for the eyes, One Voice invites you to come back to these images from this beautiful event.

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Hearing on 28 February 2024: One Voice supports the ELLE brand against the furriers' union ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme

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leonie | Tuesday 19 December 2017

Quelles enseignes en France proposent des chaussures sans cuir?
C'est encore difficile de les trouver et cependant l'action commence aussi par là.
Merci de diffuser leurs noms et adresses à tous pour permettre une meilleure participation dans nos achats.
Continuons pour nos chers amis les animaux et le bien de tous.

isabelle | Wednesday 18 May 2016

C'est nous consommateurs qui avons un pouvoir important puisque ces fabricants de vêtements vivent grâce à nos achats. Achetons conscients. Exercez votre pouvoir. Si un fabricant n'est pas respectueux des animaux n'achetez pas!!!!

kiki1963 | Wednesday 23 March 2016

Il faudrait dire à monsieur Lagarfield de prendre exemple, lui qui s'honore de faire une mode avec fourrure et qui ne veut rien entendre à ce sujet.

marie | Wednesday 23 March 2016

Pourvu que ça dure!!! La mode, par essence, est un monde versatile.