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At Loro Park, Ula goes from bad to worse… and it’s the dolphinarium that says so

At Loro Park, Ula goes from bad to worse… and it’s the dolphinarium that says so

Mis à jour le 10 May 2021

At two and a half years old, the state of health of Ula, the daughter of Morgan, already born with a deformity and several ailments at Loro Park, has just deteriorated. For several days, and it is the dolphinarium of the Spanish Canary Islands which announced it, the very young captive orca has been ill. Worsening of mood, intestinal problems… and on top of that – at the moment – they have not found where the problem is coming from, with blood tests to support this.

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Loro Park, whose tragic death of Alexis Martinez and documentary Blackfish served to establish its sad worldwide recognition, has already dismissed the sustained concerns for little Ula. Of course, these warnings came from experts who were not in favour of the captivity of cetaceans. The park now prides itself on making ‘the best international specialists’ available to the sick. How cynical this is, when we know how much the news of the poor health of an imprisoned animal is never a good sign in this industry. Just this year, we remember the bitter taste left by the Parc Astérix regarding Femke… and saw what followed.

The mother and daughter are separated. If it was free, an orca of this age would never leave its mother. The park has therefore isolated Ula to fend for herself, which can only be a source of additional stress. And as we know, that proved to be harmful to the immune system of these beings which are so sensitive. Let’s hope that she doesn’t end up like Aïcko, the young dolphin which lost weight day by day at Planète Sauvage and which, force fed with whole fish, ended up drowning at just six years old, its larynx dislocated during one of its ‘forced feeding’ sessions… But he also wasn’t well according to the institution and as usual, we were the chief extremists and alarmists…

Translated from the French by Sophie Martin

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The court prohibit Marineland from relocating the orcas before the end of the independent assessment Marineland: One Voice has obtained a temporary ban on moving the orcas - hearing on 16/01/2024

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Mic | Sunday 02 May 2021

Il faut cesser de capturer les cétacés pour les enfermer! Ils doivent évoluer librement et dans leur élément naturel.

Marie-France- | Saturday 01 May 2021

Le fric toujours le fric !!!! Peu importe si les orques souffrent, on continue de les utiliser jusqu'à la mort ! Il faut absolument que le public se détourne de ces soi-disant spectacles et que s'arrêtent ces "jeux d'eau" avec des animaux qui ne demandent qu'une chose, retourner en mer. Ce ne sont pas des solitaires et leur famille leur manque terriblement. Qu'on les laisse vivre leur vie marine!

Mariann | Friday 30 April 2021

Pour les cétacés c'est l'hôpital psychiatrique : drogués, mal nourris, mal soignés, traitements antibiotiques, fécondations obligées, camisole médicale pour le stress, bain d'eau chlorée, les reportages vus étaient édifiants !

marie-claude | Friday 30 April 2021

J'espère qu'Ula va être sauvée!