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Two foxes hung at the entrance of town: One Voice is launching a witness appeal

Two foxes hung at the entrance of town: One Voice is launching a witness appeal

Mis à jour le 10 January 2023

Two foxes have been hung at the entrance of the Dracy-Saint-Loup town on 28 November. One Voice are rising up against this act of cruelty. For the time being, the perpetrators have not been identified. One Voice is launching an appeal to anyone who has information so that they can be pursued and sentenced.

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On 28 November 2022, the inhabitants of the Dracy-Saint-Loup town (Saône-et-Loire) have discovered with horror the bodies of two foxes hung on the entrance sign of their town. Having been informed, the Mayor contacted the police who recorded the facts and removed the foxes. Because they did not have any information allowing them to identify those responsible, for now the Mayor has not referred the matter to the public prosecutor.

Beyond the monstrosity of this staged event, these acts constitute a criminal offence and must not remain unpunished.

Killing wild animals is, in France, subject to hunting legislation. The ignorance of these rules can be heavily punished, with penalties ranging from a simple fine to imprisonment. Additionally, the foxes’ corpses could be considered as ‘litter’ on a legal level. Abandoning them on a public road constitutes a crime punishable by a two-year prison sentence and a €75,000 fine. The perpetrators of these acts must be pursued and sentenced.

Animals referred to as ‘pests’, such as those who are protected, in the firing line of authorities

If foxes are classified as a ‘species likely to cause damage’, it is to satisfy the impulses — sorry, we have to say the passions — of hunters.
Because even when animals are protected, authorities publish exemption after exemption... Clearly, when the State itself takes pleasure in considering animals as ‘pests’, how can these animals be respected, protected, even simply left in peace?

We are asking witnesses to protest!

The One Voice Association is therefore launching an appeal and is offering a sum of €10,000 to anyone who can give solid information that can formally identify, beyond any reasonable doubt, those responsible for these acts, asking them to email us at info@one-voice.fr.

This information will be sent to the public prosecutor in the context of a complaint by the Association.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Plume22 | Thursday 16 February 2023

Il faut que les personnes maltraitant tous les animaux, petits et grands soient plus sévèrement punis par la loi.
Leurs peines est dérisoires, face à la souffrance et aux actes de torture et de cruauté qu’ils ont infligés aux animaux. Il faudrait vivement que la loi se durcisse face à l'exploitation animale et face aux actes de torture leurs étant infligés ! Oui a des peines maximales !

Kiki | Wednesday 30 November 2022

IGNOBLE !!!!!!!! Où est le respect de l’animal !!!!!! ………

trochu | Wednesday 30 November 2022

Oui, c'est monstrueux et l'horreur dans toute sa splendeur, les auteurs de tels actes ignobles et inacceptables à l'encontre de ces renards doivent être retrouvés et condamnés très lourdement, prison ferme sans sursis et amende. Malheureusement nous avons un gouvernement qui n'en a que faire des animaux et de leurs défenses et protections, comme vous le mentionnez clairement, il y a dérogations sur dérogations et Macron déroule le tapis rouge aux chasseurs et éleveurs, ne se posant aucune question d'ordre éthique, de respect et considération des animaux, honteux et honteux un tel gouvernement, car un tel acte ne peut que donner le sentiment qu'en France, tous actes de cruauté, de barbarie ou de torture sont tolérés et cautionnés, et nous ne pouvons l'accepter.

Sarah | Tuesday 29 November 2022

C'est un acte de cruauté épouvantable. Que les coupables soient retrouvés et punis.