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Traditional hunting: the ministerial decrees by the Ministry of the Ecological Transition annulled by the State Council for the fourth consecutive year.

Traditional hunting: the ministerial decrees by the Ministry of the Ecological Transition annulled by the State Council for the fourth consecutive year.

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Unsurprisingly, the State Council has annulled the 2021 ministerial decrees on traditional hunting which were already suspended in 2021, thus confirming their illegality. One Voice is pleased with this confirmation and that they stopped at nothing for the little birds affected by this cruel hunting, defended year after year by the LPO before judges of the highest French administrative jurisdiction.

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The traditional hunting techniques concerned, snares, nets, and cages (traps in the form of collapsible nets and drop cages), have once again been ruled as non-selective and satisfactory alternatives exist. The decrees implemented in 2022 have, incidentally, already been urgently suspended.

According to Muriel Arnal, President of One Voice:

« Today’s victory leaves a bitter taste. When we think that these unjust authorisations have been issued despite opposing and repeated decisions (up to the Court of Justice of the European Union) and year upon year, by a Ministry of the “ecological transition”, it sends shivers down your spine. What does the future hold? Will the Ministry still disregard the State Council’s opinion, or will it finally respect the law? »

We hope that 2022 will be the last year that we see the Ministry of Ecology, who are supposed to defend biodiversity and that which constitutes it, sign decrees authorising trapping and killing larks — and so many other little birds along the way — in this way.

What if animal defenders as a whole were not there to permanently defend animals against authorities who, in fact, break the law? How come the ministry in charge of representing animals is in fact the organiser of their killing?

Muriel Arnal concluded:

« We do not expect anything from the Ministry that is only ecological by name. We are preparing ourselves to counter their next decrees with our appeals which will deliver wildlife and birds to hunters whose only pleasure is destroying our heritage that is already so vulnerable due to global warming and the collapse of biodiversity. »

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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keria | Monday 05 December 2022

Bravo pour votre travail, votre mobilisation, votre énergie pour défendre cette cause qui est importante ! L'humanité a passé tellement de temps à faire du mal aux animaux, à traquer, séquestrer, torturer alors qu'à l'état de nature, ils vivaient mieux sans nous, sans cette foutue civilisation guerrière et marchande que les dieux et les hommes ont construite pour le plus grand malheur de tous !

seleneanim | Monday 28 November 2022

Je ne supporte plus la souffrance animale !

Françoise B | Sunday 27 November 2022

Entièrement d’accord! L’effondrement de la biodiversité en France est très peu médiatisé, tant que les chasseurs seront érigés en défenseurs de la nature et de l’environnement, il sera impossible de progresser. L’hypocrisie est énorme.

marie-claude | Friday 25 November 2022

Merci One Voice pour tout ce que vous faites, je serai toujours avec vous !