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Toxicogenomics: an effective method that spares animals from lab testing!

Toxicogenomics is a new method for toxicity testing that is faster, more efficient, and cheaper than animal testing. One Voice and Antidote Europe have been working together to further this revolutionary technique.

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The principal behind toxicogenomics, an applied genomics process discovered ten years ago, is to identify genes by exposing individual cells to a chemical product. One Voice and Antidote Europe published a full report on this method that can be made available upon request.

A more efficient method!

According to studies, the toxicogenomic approach, when compared with animal testing, yielded more accurate results. Furthermore, the toxicogenomic method is a hundred times faster and cheaper than animal testing. And unlike other methods, it does not pose any health risks.

Two decisive advantages

Firstly, Toxicogenomics is advantageous in that it provides information essential to understanding cellular mechanisms, along with a comprehensive evaluation of toxic risk in both the short and long term. It also has the unique ability of simultaneously identifying a large number of potential disease pathways such as cancer, neurological diseases, inflammatory responses, metabolic problems, embryonic and reproductive issues, all in a single experiment.

A universal method

Additionally, toxicogenomic techniques can also be used to test for toxicity in animal, terrestrial, aquatic, or plant species. Therefore, this method has the potential to become the standard for toxic risk assessment, not only concerning human health, but also with regard to preserving biodiversity. Not only can this technique save animals, but it is also the way of the future!

Support One Voice's fight against animal testing!

"... Given that harmful substances can be responsible for major diseases, including cancer and dementia, it is imperative that they are eliminated from the environment. Since goods move freely between European borders, the European Commission must implement a system to reliably assess toxic hazards and abandon the animal testing model touted by the REACH project. " (in" The toxicogenomics – A toxic risk assessment for humans " A report by Antidote Europe and One Voice, September 2005).

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Stephane | Saturday 09 April 2016

Une autre avancée technique très encourageante et intéressante, une puce électronique qui permet de simuler et imiter un organe du corps humain.
Ces organes artificiels miniatures devraient, je l'espère, permettre de réduire le nombre d'animaux torturés chaque année dans les laboratoires !



laurie | Monday 22 February 2016

C'est une avancée extraordinaire, il faut rapidement répandre cette méthode partout pour qu'elle devienne une référence internationale. Le processus d'acceptation sera long et fastidieux mais je crois fermement que nous arriverons à abolir la souffrance de tous les animaux de laboratoire grâce aux efforts de chacun dans ce domaine.

A.Denise | Thursday 18 February 2016

Je suis ravie d'apprendre cela. Maintenant plus d'excuse pour l'expérimentation sur les animaux !!!!

jo | Tuesday 16 February 2016

C'est une grande avancée et de plus une très bonne nouvelle si nous prenons tous en considération la souffrance animale. Alors à présent qu'attend-t-on pour abolir la souffrance animale ?