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Timothy, the little monkey traveller

Timothy, the little monkey traveller

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Timothy, a vervet monkey discovered in the island of Reunion was rescued at the end of 2016. The monkey arrived on the island in unknown circumstances, the little African primate was in danger in this new environment. Alerted to his case, the One Voice association mobilized to find him a satisfactory home and repatriated him to the Metropolis where he is now safe.

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I'm fine! After long months of traveling, wandering and uncertainty, Timothy, a small vervet monkey discovered in the island of Reunion at the end of 2016, is now running about happily in the Zoological Park of Saint-Martin-La-Plaine (42), one of the only zoos in France hosting animals in distress.

A true saga for a little monkey

By what mystery did this African primate end up on the island of Reunion? Did he travel by himself on board a merchant ship? Was he captured in his home country by boatmen or merchants, then abandoned while growing up as he became too cumbersome? He alone knows this. The only certainty: it is in November 2016 that this young adult male, a priori aged 2 to 4 years, is seen for the first time in the maritime city of the Port. A little later, a farmer observes it again on the sector of Saint-Paul, then manages to capture the small vervet monkey in March 2017. Unfortunately, the man is not able to keep Timothy in good conditions. Alerted by the situation, One Voice's Cell Zoé informed the local Veterinary Services Department to place the animal in a suitable reception area. The authorities then transferred him to Croc Parc, giving time to find a final solution.

Find a suitable home

On the Island of the Reunion, it proved difficult to identify a structure that could meet Timothy's needs under satisfactory conditions. One Voice had set out to find a place to stay in France, with the necessary authorizations. The Zoological Park of San Marino-La-Plaine offered an excellent perspective, especially since this included a small female, a vervet as well, languishing alone. Suffice to say that Timothy was waiting with open arms!

From then on, One Voice took care of the transfer of Timothy into better conditions. Our association has carried out the necessary and obligatory analyses to check his state of health. One Voice also started manufacturing the transport crate and organized the flight.

On the way to the metropolis

On June 27th, the small vervet monkey was able to take off from the island of the Reunion at 22:30 local time and to land safely at Orly, the next day late in the morning. A specialized carrier then ensured his transfer by road to the Park.

Today, the monkey traveller is doing well. He has adapted perfectly to his new environment and seems to get along particularly well with his pretty lady ... We wish them a good life together!

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Aline | Tuesday 27 March 2018

Une bonne nouvelle pour une fois.
Merci One Voice pour tout ce que vous faites pour la cause animale.

Stéphanie | Monday 26 March 2018

Merci pour avoir trouvé un lieu de vie à ce petit singe

joyce | Friday 23 March 2018

Thank you

wendyrose | Friday 23 March 2018

Merci pour votre engagement, votre ténacité, BRAVO ONE VOICE......LONGUE VIE POUR VOTRE COMBAT PERMANENT