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Threats to poach wolves: we are filing a complaint!

Threats to poach wolves: we are filing a complaint!

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A farmers union is calling for the illegal massacre of wolves and hiding the bodies? We are filing a complaint. Wolves must be respected and protected. As for the State, they must take responsibility and stop engaging in double dealings.

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Edit from 3 February 2022:

On 31 January 2022, we filed a second complaint, this time before the Limoges Legal Tribunal. They have joined to conclude our legal proceeding in order to include declarations from the Haute-Vienne Rural Organisation.

At the beginning of December 2021, the Haute-Vienne Rural Organisation published a press release on the presence of wolves, in which it is written in black and white: “In Haute-Vienne, we have pellets and poison and will regulate by ourselves!”

Taking this idea up on Saturday 22 January, Florian Tournade, President of the same union in the Creuse department, has thus confirmed in front of the camera for France 3, in Nouvelle Aquitaine: “For us, the solution is poison and pellets. We invite farmers to take their hunting rifles and to kill the wolves without saying anything. We must do this discretely to make the bodies disappear. The Rural Organisation will reimburse the pellets and the bags of lime.” They even drive the point home by asking all farmers to exterminate wolves.

Around a hundred wolves are already massacred every year with the State’s approval

A farmers union calling for organised crime on members of a protected species? The Ministry of the Ecological Transition reacted quickly, announcing that they were opening an enquiry... but knowing that the State authorised the annual massacre of more than one hundred wolves, we were shocked to read the Minister’s falsely indignant tweet.

We are filing a complaint at the Guéret Legal Tribunal

Poaching of a protected species is a crime, punishable by several years in prison. Incitement to commit a crime is also prohibited by law.

We are filing a complaint for collusion by incitement to destroy specimens from a protected animal species and provocation to commit a crime through mass media. The Pet’s Rescue France association is also joining our complaint.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Mme Loup | Friday 01 April 2022

Le mot "respect" n'existe plus ! On se moque du vivant dans la mesure où il gène !
Tuons tout ! Déboisons, notre planète est mise à rude épreuve et nous avec ! La sagesse se trouve dans des associations telles que la vôtre. merci d'exister ! Votre combat est digne !

Françoise | Friday 11 March 2022


Christine | Friday 11 March 2022

Je vous remercie de porter plainte. Nous ne sommes pas détenteurs de la planète et ne devrions nous permettre que d'y vivre en bonne intelligence avec les autres espèces qui la composent et qui elles entretiennent la vie (dont la nôtre) et non sa destruction.
De plus, les lois si souvent bafouées qu'on se demande pourquoi elles sont, puisque ni respectées des hommes, ni de l'agent de police, du gendarme, jusqu'aux Juges.
On ne condamne que les victimes !

Sab | Saturday 12 February 2022

C'est inadmissible de s'attaquer encore une fois aux loups !!! Il faut les laisser tranquilles si nous voulons encore en apercevoir dans quelques années !!! Quand est ce que la bêtise humaine cessera ?! On ne lâche rien, on continue 👍