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There are 240 Indonesian monkeys currently in the hold of Maleth Aero flight DB3004

There are 240 Indonesian monkeys currently in the hold of Maleth Aero flight DB3004

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We were telling you about it yesterday: Maleth Aero flight DB3004 has now left Indonesia for the United States. On board, 240 long-tailed macaques can be found shut in small travel carriers, shipped as freight. Transported as cargo, from Jakarta to Houston with a stopover in Tbilisi, in Georgia, these monkeys will never see their families or homes again. They are destined to suffer and die in a laboratory. According to a source from the airport who alerted our partner, Action for Primates, the exporting company is CV Primaco in Jakarta and the final destination is the well-known Charles River, a global testing company under contract.

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In 2020, Indonesia exported 2,913 long-tailed macaques for research purposes and for toxicity testing (poisoning), mainly to China but also to the United States.

This imprisonment and continuous transportation of primates is terrible and must stop. These sensitive beings, victims of global trade, are subjected to stress, distress, and trauma from separation, imprisonment, and the terror of an unknown environment, with suffering and inevitable death at their destination.

Several airline companies who were significant transporters of primates have put an end to their involvement in this trade this year. Unfortunately, Maleth Aero, whose parent company is AELF FlightService, got involved to resume a part of this trade in monkeys’ lives. The airline company continues to ignore the warnings expressed by Action for Primates, One Voice, and StopCamarles in Europe, and PETA in the United States, as well as the thousands of voices throughout the whole world on the cruelty and inhumanity of this trade resulting from animal testing. You can continue to urge them to put an end to their involvement.

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Stephen Haire, Head of the Sales Department at Maleth Aero, email

You can copy in: Lee Jones, Maleth Aero Chief Executive, and Michael O'Brien, Maleth Aero Founder & Managing Director, emails:,

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Animal testing: investigation from One Voice in Mauritius into long-tailed macaque breeding farms 'Monkeys Labs': from condoned mistreatment, proven trafficking, and health risks

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George64 | Thursday 27 October 2022

Il faut revoir cette pratique, bien d'autres solutions sont possibles nous qui allons sur la lune

A | Friday 07 October 2022

Quelle honte de vivre encore à l'époque des camps d'extermination pour animaux ! Certains humains resteront bourreaux toute leur sombre existence, sans jamais se remettre en question ? Le personnel des laboratoires d'expérimentation animale devrait être mis à l'écart de la société dite "civilisée" car il représente un réel danger!!

trochu | Monday 03 October 2022

Ces pauvres singes arrachés aux leurs, à leurs habitats naturels pour être envoyés dans des caisses et soutes de ces avions ! vers l'enfer et l'horreur absolue que sont les laboratoires. J'ai bien évidemment envoyé des mails à ces trois responsables, en espérant qu'ils comprennent l'horreur de tels transports honteux et ignobles et cessent de les cautionner en les refusant. Lorsqu'une compagnie aérienne arrête de transporter CES ETRES VIVANTS QUE SONT LES SINGES, ce sont d'autres compagnies qui prennent le relais et c'est scandaleux et cela doit cesser définitivement.

Herve | Sunday 25 September 2022

Mails envoyés.
Mais quelle horreur!
Je suis désespéré de voir ces vols aux usa sur Manchester….😭😭😭