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The Zoe Cell mobilised for beaten geese, also in court for Copain the cat

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This is unacceptable that peaceful animals, who ask nothing of anyone, be beaten, maimed, persecuted and killed by violent humans! One Voice’s Zoe Cell is there for them, of course and will not allow this!

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The geese of a woman escaped to frolic in the garden next door. Surely the grass would have looked greener on the other side. The neighbour then turned on them in front of a witness horrified by the violence of the blows that cost the lives of one of the geese. One Voice will be a civil party to this for acts of cruelty.

In the East of France, the Zoe Cell is also mobilised for Buddy, who in September lost his life to two 9mm bullets just before returning home! One Voice filed a law suit in order for the perpetrator (s) not to remain unpunished.

A couple from Moselle, generous to a fault, had welcomed Copain, a stray cat, who had found in their other cat Tigrou (Tigger) a faithful companion. Copain had been part of the family for three years; he was an integral member of the family.

End of September 2017, their protectors are on vacation and the cats are for a few days under the supervision of the neighbour who knows them well. Tigger and Copain go out for their usual evening stroll in the neighbourhood. Later the neighbour calls Copain who has not yet returned. She hears two gunshots and rushes into the street. She then sees Copain coming out of nowhere and collapsing on the tarmac before he can reach the house. He will die after a few gasps, his main artery perforated by a 9 mm bullet as the autopsy of the veterinarian will reveal.

Tigrou lost his friend; Copain lost his life, because that night a human wanted to kill. This crime cannot remain unpunished.

Julia Mothé
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Isaline | Thursday 18 January 2018

Terrible cette histoire! Pauvre copain et pauvre oie...

Beaucoup de fous sont en liberté !

Certains individus tuent encore et encore des animaux

car ils ne risquent pas grand chose.

Il faudrait une justice plus sévère!!

Nos animaux sont comme nos enfants, quand l'un d'eux se

fait tuer c'est un chagrin immense qui nous tombe dessus.

angelune | Thursday 18 January 2018

je suis d'accord pour qu enfin ! une brigade spéciale pour les animaux existe en france ! c'est déjà le cas au canada et en belgique ! qu 'est ce qu on attend ?....

sidonie | Thursday 18 January 2018

Soyons nombreux à être les voix des sans voix !
Je n'arrête pas de répéter que les lâches qui torturent des animaux, le font parce que les animaux n'ont pas l'usage de la parole et ces individus peuvent aussi s'en prendre à des personnes en état de faiblesse (enfants, malades, handicapés, personnes âgées...)

Martine13 | Wednesday 17 January 2018

On compte sur vous '' one voice '' pour les sauver MERCI INFINIMENT.