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The wolves are doing well? Let’s kill them!

On the one hand the French state claims to protect wolves and on the other hand, they fight against them, just as their population is trying to recover. Join with us and participate in a public consultation regarding a new massacre of these animals in 2020!

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In principle, there is always the law, the one that sets the public rules. Sometimes, it allows for "exceptions" ... it being understood that these are exceptions. But in France, when it comes to saving wolves, the world is upside down.

Derogations become the law

The texts are however clear: Canis lupus are legally protected in our country. This implies that it is forbidden to kill a wolf. But in reality, derogation after derogation and the state eventually allows more slaughter and the defence of this species ends up looking like a one off! The massacre is such that it is more and more like a policy of systematic shooting. The State however has a numerical limit in place in order to vaguely give the illusion of "responsible management".

A limit? Did you say a limit?

Since 2018, the French lupine population has crossed the threshold of 500 individuals. Something to the delight of nature lovers who know how much these wonderful animals deserve to find their place with us, after enduring centuries of hatred and ignorance. But now, instead of encouraging the viability of the species - still fragile according to various experts - our leaders are always looking to take their policies of slaughter to a further level. Thus, the maximum number of wolves that can be eliminated continues to increase, according to a singular interpretation of the concept of "ceiling" and above all a perfect submission to the wishes of breeders and hunters. Persecuted from all sides, these unhappy animals have nowhere to take refuge, families find themselves orphans, youngsters in search of packs are hunted down to their last breath.

New murderous order in sight

By the end of 2019, 95 wolves have already been exterminated in France in a "legal" manner, not counting the 19 others found dead. This staggering quantity of corpses does not move the authorities at all, it’s quite the contrary. Hand in hand, the Ministries of Agriculture and the Ecological and Inclusive Transition have just concocted a new decree "relating to the testing of various provisions relating to derogations from the prohibitions on destruction which may be granted by the Prefects concerning the wolf (Canis lupus )”. Renewing this for 2020 that which has already been taken in 2019 on an experimental basis”. It’s only worse.

Say "No" to the next killings!

If the "project" is adopted, the number of wild canines that can be killed will correspond to 17%, even 19% of their estimated number in France, thus condemning more than 100 individuals! In addition, hunters who are authorized to shoot wolves (several thousand) will have the right to use nocturnal detection equipment (thermal cameras, etc.), in the absence of an ONCFS agent or even a wildlife official, thus opening the door to further abuses.

Let us take action to prevent this carnage by responding to the public consultation on: http://www.consultations-publi...

Please note, we only have until December 25th to make our voices heard. The future of wolves in France depends on us!


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Help to argue (attention: copy-pasted banned, use your own words only):

Protected species

The wolf is a threatened species and protected by European regulations.

Biology and sentience

The social life of wolves is extremely complex. Couples form for life. When an individual is killed, the whole pack is put at risk. More info can be found in our sentience file.

The uselessness of this measure

  • Like all large predators, the lupine population is self-regulating.
  • Protection measures for herds exist and are even subsidized by the State.


  • Natural predators and regulators of the wildlife, wolves are seen as thieves of game animals by hunters.
  • In the event of an attack on a herd, some breeders prefer to incriminate wolves rather than stray dogs in order to receive compensation.

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Joëlle | Friday 03 January 2020

Les loups comme tout autre animal doivent être protégés ! Quant aux éleveurs qu'ils gardent, protègent un peu mieux leurs troupeaux et tout ira bien !

laurence.pitchou | Thursday 26 December 2019

Les loups sont des régulateurs naturels de la faune sauvage, ils doivent être protégés.

Ashika | Tuesday 24 December 2019

Qu'on arrête cette tuerie... L'Homme se pense supérieur à toute vie sur terre mais il n'est rien .. pauvre France

Soph76 | Tuesday 17 December 2019

J'étais si heureuse de voir les loups revenir dans nos contrées... J'aime la nature dans toute sa diversité. Le loup est une espèce encore trop rare. Dans d'autres pays européens, la population a appris à vivre avec le loup (pays de l'Est par exemple). La France n'est pas un pays bienveillant pour les loups, il faut que ça change!