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The trial of repeat offenders of Oise: One Voice demands an exemplary sentence!

The trial of repeat offenders of Oise: One Voice demands an exemplary sentence!

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On Thursday May 31st 2018 will be the trial of a couple of repeat offenders, whom against we filed a complaint for ill-treatment. One year after our seizure of animals at their home, the Cell Zoe will be in the court of Senlis so that they will never again abuse their victims.

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Long-term vigilance

We unfortunately knew the owners all too well. The same muddy grounds, the same house, the smell of animal waste, their infections and corpses ...

Since 2004, we have been monitoring their activities. In 2011 already, our Cell Zoe had saved from their "establishment", 46 dogs in a deplorable state and obtained a court prosecution for serious abuse and acts of cruelty. But despite the definitive ban on continuing in this activity related to animals and above all, a definitive ban on keeping any animals, they have started again! Fortunately, we maintained our vigilance until last year. In collaboration with the services of the DDPP (Departmental Directorate of Population Protection) of the Oise, the police, and in the presence of our partner shelters, we have been able once again to rescue these poor beings who were dependent on them.

A new memorable seizure

On May 5th 2017 these repeat offenders were taken into custody. That day, we discovered animals living in mud, without care, without food or water, some locked up in small poorly maintained pens and without protection from the cold or the rain: about twenty goats and their kids, two billy goats, cats, dogs, and even the body of a chicken dried up in a transport crate, and an abandoned cat corpse behind a door...

A rebirth for the survivors

The goats that were saved are now all in great shape! Half of them have taken up residence at the Filémon refuge, where they share their time between the sheepfold, heated for the cold days and the green meadows, coloured with a thousand wildflowers during the sunny days. The others joined the refuge at Bonheur des Chevaux in Lot-et-Garonne. They enjoy a plot of several hectares, which One Voice had financed the fence so that they can be welcomed in the best possible conditions.

The cats, meanwhile, were taken care of by the AIMAA shelter of Épernay and the Oisemont Protection Animal shelter. Finally, they have found peace. Thanks to the patience and constant care from the shelter staff, these traumatized individuals can now trust humans!

Life is not less rosy for the dogs entrusted to the AIMAA shelter of Epernay ... Gustave Flaubert has found a perfect place within the family. Georges Sand now walks without a leash despite her eyesight problems and the slightest walk is an immense source of joy for him. Isaac, for his part, quickly adapted to his new environment. It’s a dog’s love with a strong character, who now likes to express himself and who has become the little prince of the house ...

A big thank you to all our donors who allowed the Cell Zoe to maintain a long-term surveillance of these torturers of animals and to eventually prosecute them, to organize the rescues and to put the victims into safe partner shelters. One Voice has provided funding for veterinary care during the years of litigation. This chain of solidarity is essential to reduce cruelty!

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Danielle | Wednesday 20 June 2018

justice pour ces animaux et punitions severes pour ces ordures et le mot est gentil

Michele | Sunday 03 June 2018

Action sévère contre ces individus et surveillance accrue

PIMPRENELLE | Saturday 02 June 2018

Le gouvernement ne fait rien contre les tortionnaires d'animaux.
Les députés sont incapables de voter les améliorations des conditions pour les animaux d'élevage. Voir le résultat des Etats Généraux de l'Alimentation : le broyage des poussins mâles et des canetons femelles continuent.

IL Y A REGRESSION DE LA PROTECTION ANIMALE DEPUIS PLUSIEURS ANNEES. 85 % des personnes voulaient aussi les caméras dans les abattoirs. RIEN NE SE PASSE.

Comment voulez vous avoir confiance en l'Etat pour faire condamner les tortionnaires d'animaux. CELA VA MALHEUREUSEMENT CONTINUER.

Il faut vraiment élire des députés qui se soucient du bien-être animal et non pas des députés qui obéissent aux consignes de leur parti. Je crois que nous aurons un progrès que lorsque des députés du parti Animaliste seront élus.

Ann | Saturday 02 June 2018