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The rescue of three surviving "decoy caller" ducks

The rescue of three surviving "decoy caller" ducks

Mis à jour le 14 February 2019

This Saturday, January 26th 2019, we rescued three ducks who were used as decoy callers, they were found in a frozen paddling pool. To obtain their release, we had to overcome many pitfalls. But now their ordeal is over!

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Five abused ducks used to kill others

Last September, a whistle-blower reported the presence of ducks in a difficult situation in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. Our investigator was dispatched immediately, discovering this miserable place of life for these wild birds.

In a rudimentary enclosure four poor ducks were found, the corpse of a fifth was lying there, and a few pieces of bread in the mud. They had been torn from their life of freedom, caught probably by traps used for nutria, the hunter had intended them to be "decoys callers". In short, the life of these ducks would have been to call to their own kind, for the sole purpose of being killed. The most upsetting: a male duck, sat looking over the boards of its confine towards the pond where free ducks swim in the distance.

Our attempt to go through the justice system to save them

We immediately filed a complaint. As always, these cases take several months to go through. As part of the process, the gendarme went to the site and our investigator was interviewed. And ... the complaint has been dismissed. The only thing raised by our investigation was that the ducks were not legally ringed. We know how difficult hunting is on wildlife, especially in France, where almost anything is allowed. Despite the ranking of this complaint, we still managed to get the gendarmes to save these ducks.

The rescue of Marguerite, Lilas, and Pivoine

When we arrived at the spot-on Saturday January 26th2019, the enclosure was fully flooded. The poor birds had no access to land. They can but swim only in icy water.

« Mallards, of course, need to swim. But in nature, no mallard spends all its time in the water. They also need to rest on dry land. To keep a mallard in a small aviary by depriving it not only of being able to fly but also of landing on the ground is obvious abuse. »
Pierre Rigaux, Naturalist

There are only three now, a small female died because of the terrible conditions ... We then immediately took them to the Wildlife Conservation Centre "Volée de Piafs", where from our support they were examined and benefited from all the necessary attention. They are very thin and need to regain their strength.

« It is quite possible, of course, that weight loss is directly linked to the obligation for the duck to remain in the water permanently in the winter cold, because mallards lose more weight in winter when they are cold.... a normal phenomenon but not when weighing just 650 g! »
Pierre Rigaux, Naturalist

Most of the time, hunters trim the wings of ducks used as decoy callers. Fortunately, this is not the case with Marguerite, Lilas, and Pivoine, so we will have the opportunity to release them in an area free of hunting in a short time! And for these three there is only freedom, real freedom.  

For a radical reform of the hunt, please sign our petition!

Julia Mothé
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Juliette | Thursday 14 February 2019

Bravo pour vos actions....

furax | Sunday 10 February 2019

une honte aux soient disants chasseurs qui utilisent des canards vivants comme appât, pour attirer leurs congénères qui se font tuer sans pitié. ces chasseurs, qu'ils ne disent pas aimer les animaux, c'est du massacre. il faut interdire cette sorte de chasse.

Stéphane | Sunday 10 February 2019

Un très bonne nouvelle, un grand merci à l'équipe de One Voice pour le sauvetage de ces 3 canards.

marie-agnes | Sunday 10 February 2019

j'ai habité Helsinki (Finlande) la ville est très nature avec des bras de mer L'Hiver pour avoir acces à l'eau les canards se relaient ainsi le plan d'eau de gele pas mais ils passent encore plus de temps sur terre ;C'est honteux ce que les chasseurs font vivre aux appelants et je ne comprends pas que ce se soit autorisé helas en France concernant les animaux tout est pratiquement ou permis ou non puni La condition animale ne fait que regresser depuis les années 90 merci pour ce sauvetage