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The pot calling the kettle the veterinarians

The pot calling the kettle the veterinarians

Mis à jour le 10 September 2018

Further to raising the alarm on what dozens of rabbits go through, used as guinea pigs and then killed when the vets training ends, we have received an answer from this veterinarian school. In the meantime, the course has been cancelled! This is how forty rabbits have been saved from these experiments.

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The director of the veterinary school wrote to us. She brandishes as a banner the 80% reduction of animal use and the development within the school of alternative methods to correspond to European law. What she forgets to mention is that the binding European legislation to Reduce, Refine and Replace the use of animals has been put in place only by repeated actions and relentless pressure from the animal’s defence associations.

And it is precisely these methods of investigation in denouncing injustices that the school holds against us, not the content. She proposes that we work hand in hand after insulting us! What a funny way to work in good intelligence, if it's really what she suggests. We can most likely doubt it: the veterinary school accuses us of "denouncing" and speaks of "espionage", while evoking their "havoc on past occasions". Here is a beautiful example of the expression “the pot calling the kettle black”.

An extract from the letter of the vet school head dated 18th May 2018.
An extract from the letter of the vet school head dated 18th May 2018.

One cannot be denouncing in a non-violent way injustice and even the suffering of those who are voiceless and weaker or more vulnerable than us and at the same time be on the side of those who are the perpetrators of this suffering. To seek justice is not the law of retaliation. Our methods, namely the field investigations, the publishing of expert testimonies, the production of documented reports, petitions and public gatherings, have nevertheless allowed the introduction of laws strictly regulating these practices. Without our struggle for the liberation of sentient beings and the ending of their servitude, they would still be suffering in much greater proportions.

Is animal testing really a necessary evil? Many scientists argue the opposite. As Dr. André Ménache rightly pointed out, "as far as animal experimentation is concerned, the scientific argument joins the ethical argument". One thing is certain; France is not sufficiently committed to the 3 R policy of Reduction, Refinement and Replacement. By choosing additional arguments, the veterinary school tries to change the subject.

In conclusion, would it be in reaction to our article? The course we mentioned, regarding anaesthesia, sterilization and dentistry on rabbits was not reprogrammed, and was removed as an initial training tool at this school. Forty rabbits have been saved from experiments this semester and also for the ones that follow!

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anne | Thursday 05 July 2018

La réponse de la directrice de l'Ecole vétérinaire est le parfait parangon de la "tarte à la crème" habituelle que tous les défenseurs des animaux reçoivent régulièrement.
Il ne manque même pas l'allusion à "l'espionnage et la délation qui ont fait des ravages en d'autres temps". Comme réaction,c'est aussi primaire que ridicule.

Bridget | Monday 02 July 2018

C'est super! Bravo pour vos actions, vous avez toute mon admiration

Pascale | Sunday 01 July 2018

Bravo ! Vous avez tout mon soutien et mon admiration.

Patounette14 | Sunday 01 July 2018

Cela paraît incroyable que des futurs vétérinaires puissent utiliser des cobayes vivants et les faire souffrir pour affiner leurs expériences !!! Et cette directrice de mauvaise foi, c'est le pompon